Contemporary Midcentury reproduction furniture

Emfurn is your one stop shop for the valuable contemporary design pieces motivated by Iconic Mid Century Designers. We provide exacting reproductions in the image and styles of the previous centuries dazzling furnishings designers.

At Emfurn, we get all our reproductions straight from the companies specialized in Contemporary Standard Reproductions. We import and distribute our reproductions. We select the kind, type and make of the materials used. We also decide on the magnificent designs that are used by the companies to make our mid-century reproduction furniture. Our reproductions encompass designs that are designed to please and built to last. We use superfluous materials from world class companies that are known for quality. These furnishings are made with materials that will glaze stylishly rather than wear out. These kinds of furniture are for persons who desire and need perfect quality and durable heirlooms.

mid-century reproduction furniture

The designs we reproduce are magnificent because we use the best craftsmanship and material.  Some examples of our mid-century reproduction furniture include:

  1. Classic Chairs: – The mid-century classic chair is far much different from the average chair. The visual difference is as evident as the day from the night. The only similarity that may exist is the function. Classic chairs are magnificent contemporary seats that possess not only contemporary aesthetic beauty but also provide comfortable and functional daily use. Such as modern 1950 Cube Chair, Larsen Shell Wood Lounge Chair, Monroe Mid-century Modern Armchair, Copenhagen 45 Mid-Century Modern Chair and Stuart Mid-Century Modern Lounge Chair.
  2. Modern Mid-Century Sofas: – great designs such as Florence Knoll Style, Chesterfield Vintage Classic Modern Sofa, Monroe Mid-Century Modern Sofa, Catherine, Margaret English Sofa, Jefferson and Basil among many more great designers.
  3. Outdoor furniture’s: – Aloha Modify-It™ and Acapulco chairs
  4. Loveseats: – Jackie style, Copenhagen 45, 1946 Parlor and Wegner style Papa Bear Wing Loveseat.
  5. Barstools, Living room, Occasional and lounge chairs

From Emfurn, you will get the best mid-century reproduction furniture equipped with the best design, space planning, and furnishing. You will also be given the latest information about all products, trends and home furniture industry. You will also sample our elegant dining room sets, unique and quality bedroom sets, living room as well as office furniture all under one roof.

All the reproductions mentioned are fully in stock; similarly we have additional varieties that you can sample by simply walking in our showrooms.

Our prices

We may not be the cheapest in the market so far, but we have the best quality in the market. On the same note, we got superb furnishings designed to impress made to last a lifetime. You get quality for your money and comfort is our guarantee.


Who are our clients?

As Emfurn, we have the most loyal clients all over the world. Our determined clients have one thing in common; value for the quality. They will always buy from us because we recognize the variety and knows what to glance at when creating reproductions with creation methods and quality material.


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