What to Consider When Buying Women’s and Men’s Running Socks

Socks aren’t something you usually give a great deal of thought to. Sure, it’s nice when they match, and if you have to wear a suit to work, it’s likely you’ll want to wear a pair of socks that are plain black or grey in order to maintain a uniform look. But when it comes to women’s or men’s running socks, it pays to put a little more thought into what you are going to wear.

If you run on a regular basis, it’s likely that you’ve done a little research and purchased a pair of running shoes that suit your foot well and have been designed for the type of running you have in mind. Taking this into account, it makes sense that you’ll also want to wear a suitable pair of women’s or men’s running socks that go well with your running shoes.

There a number of factors to consider when selecting the perfect women’s or men’s running socks for your needs, including the style, size, weight and material of the socks.


This is certainly a case where size does matter. Wearing women’s or men’s running socks that are too big will result in material bunching up and causing your shoe to feel uncomfortable. And much like a shoe that is too small, a sock that is too small is just not going to fit properly, causing serious discomfort. It is fairly simple to solve sock size problems by simply matching the size of the sock to the shoe.


Choosing a sock that’s made out of the right material is an important factor to take into consideration. Wearing a sock that’s made out of wool for running isn’t ideal, as the material will not breathe well, resulting in a sweaty and uncomfortable foot – definitely not what you want on a long run! Specialised materials are available for women’s and men’s running socks that provide excellent ventilation as well as give extra support. Choosing socks that feature targeted arch compression plus added heel and toe cushioning is going to be your best bet if you want the ultimate in support.


The style of women’s or men’s running socks you choose largely comes down to personal preference. There’s a range of sock styles on the market, ranging from the ever-popular ankle sock through to the common crew sock, so it’s a good idea to shop around or do some research on the internet before making a decision. Another thing to take into consideration is colour – do you need the sock to match a uniform, or do you want a bright colour that can be seen from a distance to help with overall visibility and safety?

In Summary

While the style of sock you choose is not so important, the material it’s made out of is, as is ensuring that it’s a perfect fit. By choosing the right women’s or men’s running socks for your needs, you’ll be able to enjoy your next run a whole lot more!


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