Common used Iphone 6plus Parts

It’s estimated that apple get closer to $200 to $250 in order to bring Iphone 6 plus in market. There are some other phones like iPhone 6plus, it starts from around $217 as the last the expense hits $265 USD for 125 GB Model.  Iphone 6 is being sold by $650 to $850 USD with no contract. If we talk about Iphone 6 plus Models with that big screen is being sold by $750 to $950 with no contact. It is true that apple takes extra money $100 to $200 for amazing iphone Models having big memory. When we talk about iphone 6 parts the battery and camera, Volume button flex cable, and loud speaker replacement. This is pretty simple and in professional way it can be repaired with no hesitation.  Iphone 6 parts can easily be found for your quality piece.

Iphone 6 parts review

Choose Best Speaker to replace with your old Speaker

Iphone is best in market and easily you can repair sometimes or often a blown speaker can be replaced but the problem for those who have no idea in replacement could damage their mobile phone before that grab your all handy tools. Burnt out Disruptive menace speakers might sound funny to you but when it comes to replacements make sure your all components are assembled properly so that you do not need to frustrate about your phone.

Flex Cable Charger Port

My best iphone 6 parts can be found but what I like most is charger port flex cable usually it is killed with dirt or water and more often when you leave phone in your kitchen. We have two colored of it in black and white you can pick any of them it does not matter because performance is same.

Iphone 6 Plus Vibrating Motor

When I first had phone so there I experienced something strange which vibrates that phone and makes some noise when my phone is on any wooden desk or on glass and it will gives you strange feelings when it vibrates in your pocket. Iphone 6 Plus vibrating motor is in stock and low as low you can get it in just $21 very effective and easy to replace with your old broken or burnt vibrating motor.

Power Button Cable

Power button flex cable for your iphone to keep your phone alive sometimes your loudspeakers or microphone might cause problem fitting your power button at the right place because your phone has no extra space for it. Using best handy tool and a professional mobile phone technician can do this job just like that. Best part of it that your kit includes Replacement Power Button Flex Cable and Set of Replacement Adhesive.

Camera replacements required no Soldering

Back camera of iphone 6 plus is a modular remember that when repairing your back camera it does not need any soldering. WiFi Flex Cable comes with Adhesive pre attached so you do not need soldering again on your wifi so that you place it in right spot to get complete wifi signals.

Shield Plate to Protect your Phone LCD

LCD Shield Plate itself is a shield for your phone LCD your LCD will be safe. This is very easy installation and repairing your LCD Shield plate. Other parts of Iphone 6 plus are very handy and easy to installation.

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