Why are Club Flyers so popular for online printers?

Online printers over the last decades

For business owners within the USA, there has been a growing tendency of moving from local printers to online printers for the last decade. Local printers are now struggling to see how to find customers online to fulfill the lost profits from locals.

Better with online printers instead of locals

The reason why many business owners or even freelancers or service providers are now choosing online printers over the locals, is just for the single reason of commodity and pricing that the online world is bringing to every industry in the world, this is just market evolution.

Customer Commodity

By customer commodity we mean, people now can stay at home while placing an order of business cards or club flyers online, they don’t even have to order the design separately anymore, as many of these online stores, already have an in-built design studio that can be used to design great stuff for free. So you are skipping the steps of going out to a local printer, get luck in finding a parking lot, waiting in line to be attended (if it’s an important print shop, there will always be a line), then getting an appointment to come back and sit with a designer who will charge you an additional fee to get your information together for the card or flyer.

Pricing convenience

The online printers are facing a huge problem, which becomes an amazing convenience factor for the customer, it is called “International Competition”. With the access to a computer, you can quote pricing on hundreds of different printer sites within a few hours, usually the most trustable and affordable website will win the debate. So online printers are being forced to keep the price to a competitive level against the rest of the world.

Most popular custom printing products

It is obvious that business cards products are the bestselling, easier to order, manage, design and hand out product ever made for printers, and that was it for giving away something pre-printed with your company or service information. In the other hand, there were the flyer side, people looking for ways to give out a piece of paper (flyer) that contains more than just the company information, maybe they will add images, event information and even coupon codes for discounts, for this sort of local marketing they were using regular flyers and postcards.

So, in the 2010 toward these days we have seen a steady grow on the replacement for the flyers and postcards, the rise of the Club Flyers, and many of us still don’t know what is going on.

The trick about the Club Flyers

The same situation that happened with the local vs online printers, shows here in the club flyer market, so it’s very easy to notice that there are so many Disco, Bars, Pubs and other sort of businesses of this kind, producing weekly and bi-weekly events, that for each of these particular event they need thousands and thousands of printed pieces to promote them. It started out just using plain paper color copies, then it moved to thicker paper offset printed postcards and flyers, and then, out of the sudden, a new type of flyer emerged to satisfy exactly clubs and bar’s needs, the “Club Flyers”, now a days there are print shops that just design and print these type of flyers and as it becomes more and more popular, now you also see websites NAMED like that too others, just added an addition product to their list of services as seen in Printing VIP (dot) com.

The bigger the competition, the lower the prices are going to be, quality is a most and won’t vary from state-of-the-art printing. So that’s why this particular form of flyer has become so popular, because of its complexity to satisfy a fast moving industry which requires many orders in a weekly basis instead of placing one order every 2 o 3 months like regular businesses.

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