How to Clean Diamond Rings

If there’s one ring that is designed for widespread display, it’s the diamond ring. Widely regarded as the perfect symbol for eternal love, diamond rings can be flashy and flamboyant or they can be sleek and stylish. As the hardest stone known to man, durable and everlasting, diamonds are highly valued. But like all rings, they need to be kept clean in order to maintain their allure. Cleaning diamond rings isn’t as simple as washing the cutlery in the sink, though – and nor should it be. To preserve the lustre and brilliance of the stone, it needs to be cleaned in a very particular manner.


 The Ring Cleaning Process

Before cleaning, it’s recommended that you learn what preventative actions you can take to keep your ring clean. Reduce the likelihood of your ring getting dirty by removing it when you’re performing certain tasks like cleaning the house, doing the gardening, or even washing the dishes. Same goes with showering or enjoying a relaxing bath – the gels and soaps can build up on and around your ring, leaving it looking dull and discoloured.

Once a week, make sure you clean your ring with a soft-bristled toothbrush. It’s important that the bristles are soft; anything harder and your ring could be vulnerable to chipping and scratching. You can also achieve fantastic results with your diamond rings by letting them soak in mild detergent with one part ammonia and half a cup of warm water for an hour before giving them a clean. Soaking them in cold water with mild detergent for an hour can also deliver impressive results for your diamond rings.

Haven’t cleaned your ring in a long time? Water and detergent might not be enough the first time around. Try using liquid vibrating devices or ultrasonic cleaners – these offer tougher cleaning performance while still being friendly to your diamond rings. Once your rings have been cleaned, make sure you pat them down with a dry cloth to remove excess moisture.

 Planning on Storing Your Ring Away for a While?

If you’re not planning on wearing your ring for some time, you can preserve its existing lustre and sheen by wrapping it in soft tissue paper and storing it safely in a jewellery box. The paper will stop your diamond rings from succumbing to scratching, chipping, damage or any other misfortune while stored away.


A Couple of Extra Essential Tips

Some of these should go without saying, but they’re important to take note of. If you’re cleaning diamond rings or any form of jewellery over the sink, make sure that the sink hole has been plugged in. All it takes is for you to lose attention for a second and you could lose your precious ring down the sink. Secondly, it’s always wise to make sure any diamonds or stones of choice are firmly set into the ring. If they’re becoming loose, they’re more likely to come apart from the ring and get lost.

Whether your diamond rings are family heirlooms or recent purchases, these cleaning tips will ensure your rings remain shiny and worth showing off for years to come.

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