Choosing Best Design Windows for a Hotel

If you are a hotel owner in North York or Whitby with no doubt you want to save your money on your hotel’s renovation or improvement, but at the same time still make it the best and most comfortable place for your guests. Today experts in windows in North York say that the days when the choice of new windows was limited are gone forever. Modern market offers thousands of new types of windows which means that even the most unusual and demanding project needs can and will be satisfied by the manufacturers. Windows come in all kinds of shapes and colors to match your hotel’s style, both interior and exterior design, and at the same time these new units can help you minimize the money spent on heating and cooling the hotel all over the year.


If you think about new windows for your hotel in Whitby or North York, then first of all do the math and find out whether the windows you currently have are cost-effective. The best and probably the easiest way is to complete your hotel’s energy audit or just check what hints the Internet can offer you on this issue. Experts in windows North York explain that you simply need to find out where major energy-loss areas are situated. Such windows check can be made with the help of a professional contractor for windows in North York and Whitby or by the DIY path.

You need to find out whether your building has or does not have any thermal transmission problems before you start to embark on a full replacement windows renovation. As a rule, hotel or any other big property owners are not willing to lay out huge sums of money for a whole-building windows makeover when in the matter of fact the problem can be solved by a tube of caulk, some simply weather stripping or with the help of a few new storm windows.

You should also remember the fact that installation of new windows is not always the best option! Experts in windows from Whitby say that this is connected especially to the old houses, where original windows are actually an integral part of the whole building’s character. In such cases professionals advise to first of all try to just upgrade by adding something to these windows’ instead of constant subtract.

Now we are coming to the issue of windows design. As windows Whitby designers say, transoms are your windows’ eyebrows. So when you think about new windows, try to save your old transoms but do not forget to paint them or renew in any other way so they will look modern and at the same time saving the character of your old Whitby hotel. Moreover, your old transoms and new windows must be easy to operate as your customers will definitely want to open the windows in their hotel room.

Talking about the style of your new windows, try to save you hotel’s character but do not forget that sometimes changes are for the better!

Windows maintenance tip

As a hotel owner you know how important it is to keep the premises clean and nice for your guests. At the same time you understand how hard it is to ensure that your windows units are always clean and transparent, especially if your climate is pretty rainy. Whitby windows professionals say that to simplify windows maintenance and cleaning process you just need to keep an eye on regular gutter cleaning. With the help of this service you will ensure that nothing drips from the roof soiling your windows and consequently will save a lot of money because regular windows cleaning costs much more that seasonal gutter cleaning.

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