Choosing Bedroom Wardrobes

Of all your bedroom furniture, a floor to ceiling wardrobe is probably the most important part and will have the most impact when you walk into the room. A lot of people are opting for fitted wardrobes in their bedrooms as they make the best use of the space available. You can choose from many types of fitted wardrobes like wood finished, mirrored, or sliding door wardrobes for additional space.

Even if you are a regular online shopper, it may not have occurred to you that you can also buy your wardrobes and other furniture on the Internet. It is in fact a great way to buy furniture, as you are able to see many different styles in a very short time, which would not be possible if you were trudging from shop to shop in your local high street. Among the websites selling furniture online, you will find there are some dedicated to only selling wardrobes, sites dedicated to selling one brand of furniture, and large retail sites such as that have a huge range of different products including bedroom furniture.


It could be that you already have fitted wardrobes in your bedroom, but they are outdated and you would like to change their doors or the style. A great way to make improvements to your bedroom furniture is to swap the old hinged doors for sliding doors. These are a lot more practical, and take up less space as you do not need to consider the room needed to open the door to its full extent to get to your clothes.

Giving a Small Bedroom a Larger Appearance

Choosing fitted wardrobes with mirrored doors is a good way to make a small room appear larger, as well as giving the advantage of having a full-length mirror in a small bedroom.

Another trick for a very small room is to have furniture fitted along one side of the room only, which incorporates the headboard of the bed. You can then place units around the headboard, such as a wardrobe on each side of the bed and a cabinet across the top space that joins the two wardrobes together. You can also put shelving into the headboard and incorporated lamps: This provides you with everything very close at hand in one neat and compact unit. Then once all that’s been done, make sure you get a quality divan bed with storage to compliment the furniture you already have

If you prefer not to have fitted units because you think you will be wanting to change the position of your furniture; there are plenty of free standing wardrobes with sliding doors that are great space savers, as well as easy to open and close. They can be purchased in just about any style, from large old-fashioned wooden wardrobes to sleek minimalistic styles with clean lines.

Antique Wardrobes

If you have space but don’t want a fitted wardrobe and prefer something stylish, you should look into antique wardrobes that are elegant, beautiful and durable. Either genuine antiques or reproductions; all are equally as attractive and functional.

These will usually be too chunky and robust for a small room, but in the right space are ideal.

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