How to Choose Thai Silver Earrings

Thai Silver Earrings is highly sought after, thanks to its variety and exclusivity. In certain parts of the world, Thai Silver is more popular than gold due to the benefits of cost, attractiveness and durability that the silver material enhances for every artifact produced.

Thai Silver Earrings are available in different designs and prices. Tourists visiting Thailand try to get their hands on these gorgeous pieces as they serve as an excellent gift for your loved ones. However, how do you know that the piece you choose is original? How do you select the right Thai Silver Earrings and purchase the same? Here are some tips that will help you shop the right products without getting cheated for what you pay:

  1. Check the authenticity of the wholesaler: The wholesaler you plan to purchase products from must be a member of the Thai Gem and Jewelry Traders Association. This association was established to promote the vendors of jewelry in Thailand. The association maintains certain quality standards that must be followed as benchmark by all its members like Stories of Silver & Silk. Therefore, if you are buying Thai Silver Earrings from a wholesaler who is a member of the jewelry association, be assured that what you get will be high-quality.
  2. Quality Assurance: In case the wholesaler is not a member of the association and you really like the design you have selected, you can check for the quality of the piece itself. This can be done by looking for the Jewel Fest Club emblem. The emblem is a symbol guaranteeing the quality of the product you are buying.
  3. Original Bill: Once the purchase transaction has been initiated, ensure that you demand an original bill for the product you have purchased. Not just that, it is recommended that you ask the seller to write down all the details pertaining to color, size, weight and quality on the receipt.
  4. Gemstone check: A lot of jewelry shops have bright lighting under which Thai Silver Earrings tend to sparkle and the gemstones appear clear. If you want to ensure that the gemstones in your jewelry are of the right quality, test it in daylight. The right clarity, cut, and color of the gemstones can be judged in daylight.
  5. Certification: Most Thai Silver Jewelry products are certified. Ask the vendor for a certificate for the silver jewelry. This is critically important if the piece you choose has some embellishments on it.

Buying jewelry and paying for it is not a piece of cake. You may not be paying as much as you would have paid for real gold jewelry, but you are still paying a hefty amount of money. Low-quality silver tends to blacken over time and this will only bring in disappointment. Therefore, never rush and always check all the information thoroughly before making the purchase. Ascertain the quality of the product and most importantly, only buy from trusted sellers who have been in the business for years and have a reputable impression in the market.

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