Choose the Right Prescription Glasses Depending on the Shape of Your Face

There are a lot of considerations to take note of when buying a new pair of prescription glasses. Considering the options available and the amount of money you have to spend, it is important that you choose the right ones for your needs.

One of the most important considerations when buying glasses is how they fit your face. Take note that just because they might look good on others, they might not look good on you. The first thing you need to check is the shape of your face. It can feel bad enough to be compelled to wear glasses. You should at least look great wearing them.

Round cheeks

For people with rounder cheeks, it is best to buy glasses with thicker frames. They will help make your face look smaller. Choose frames of darker palettes like blue, purple and black. Avoid round glasses as they could emphasise the roundness of your face. You definitely don’t want this kind if you want to create an illusion that you are slimmer.

Small face

If you have a smaller face, look for glasses with smaller frames and lighter colours. These glasses will make your face look a bit bigger. If you have fair skin, these glasses will help make your skin look really flawless. Avoid glasses with really large frames. Unless you are hiding, larger frames and lenses won’t suit you.

Long face

To help balance your long and angular face, buy glasses that have rounder frames. They will help soften the edges and make your face look brighter. Pink, light brown and lavender are among the best choices for frame colours.

Heart-shaped face

You are lucky if you have this shape. It seems like you can buy any type of glasses. They will look great on you. Oversized glasses are the best option. Not everyone can rock this type of glasses. Only people with faces like yours can pull off this look flawlessly. You also have the freedom to choose almost any colour for frames.

The good thing is that whichever glasses match your face shape, there are Tom Ford glasses available for you. There are a lot of choices. Narrowing them down could be a challenge.

Take note that the shape of your face is just one of the many considerations. You should also bear in mind your vision needs. There are people with visual impairments that need customized glasses for better protection and clearer vision.

Take your time shopping for the best glasses.

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