How to Choose You French Press

The French press makes wild coffee that is as individual as the person who made the coffee. Each Cup is very hot and brewed to perfection. No more guesswork to determine how long the coffee has been sitting on the hot plate. Friends and customers can always count on this to getting an excellent cup of coffee. Just like any other device there are tricks and tips that people have learned over time using the French press a little easier and make a little better coffee.


First, it is important to invest in a quality french press. A good French press will have insulation that keeps the coffee hot longer than to a model that has no insulation. While the French press models are made of glass, they are brittle and easy to crack under pressure. Today, it is possible to find the French press in stainless steel models that do not break easily. This Ecooe french press could be a really good budget choice.

The second most important aspect of using a press is the grind of the coffee. Although the type of used coffee and roast coffee is an individual choice, the grind should be coarse. If the grind is too fine it can block the filter. In addition, the finely ground coffee can often be pressed infiltrate the final product and let the coffee grounds at the bottom of the coffee cup. There are not many people who find that this is desirable in a cup of coffee.

The utensil is also important when using a French press. Usually, it takes a spoonful tablespoons of ground coffee for a cup of four ounces. If the French press is more than four ounces to adjust the measure accordingly. Coffee grounds should be placed in the bottom of the press before any water is added.

The water used to make the coffee in the press is anotherimportant factor in the preparation of  coffee. The water must be added when it reaches the boiling point. It should not be allowed to continue to boil because it frees all the oxygen and can alter the taste of the drink. The water must also be bottled or filtered water in order to avoid contaminants that alter the way in which the taste of the coffee.

Finally, the coffee and water should be allowed to fairly long and steep for coffee to develop the flavor. The average is about four minutes for the flavors to develop and oils from the coffee and made the coffee as rich and full of flavor as it should before drinking.

These tips will help you use a French press to make the best coffee.Hope you enjoy!

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