How to choose the best security door lock?

Door locks are usually used to protect the property and to prevent the entry of an unauthorized person as criminals and burglars to such properties. Because, the security of the old door lock can easily be breached by an intruder, so to really protect your property, you need more a secure door lock.

You could also be among many homeowners that are looking to replace their old security door lock with the new and secure one. However, the whole procedure of selecting the security door lock is not as simple as it seems to. If you go to the market to buy a new security door lock for your house, then you will go through dozens of security door lock with different features made by dozens of companies. So, it would be difficult for you to select the right type of door for your need among the huge-range available in the market.

You have to consider a number of parameters before you get your hands on a particular type of door lock that serves the purpose. Here, we have given some hand-picked features that will really help you to determine the right type of door lock for your purpose:


  • Size:

 This is the most important parameter in selecting the security door lock. If you are planning to install a security door lock, then you first have to determine the size of the door lock. The size of the door lock must fit the door; if it doesn’t then chances are there that it may damage the door. You have to determine the accurate size before you are getting your hands into the particular door lock. In addition, there are also some types of door locks available in the market that matches the door type. In this way, you can easily ensure about the compatibility and reliability of the door and door lock.


  • Metal Type:

 Just keep one thing in mind; the main purpose of the door lock is to ensure the safety of the home, workplace or any other property. This parameter is very important, because you do not want to compromise on the quality of your door lock. Once you know the size of the door, you should look for the material of the door lock that can easily withstand the general wear and tear. The metal of the door lock should be strong and hard enough that can not only help to protect the door, but also help to increase the life cycle of the door lock. You should get your hands on that particular door lock that is treated with an anti-tarnish coating or any other protective coating.


  • Types of Lock:

 Usually, there are two kinds of locks as dead bolts and latch bolts. A number of individual preferred latch bolts because they are less expensive and are easier to install than the dead bolt types. But, these locks are more susceptible to breach, because any intruder can easily break these type of lock with the help of a wrench or hammer.

On the other hand, the best type of door lock that provides more security is dead bolt. These types of door locks are preferred by a majority of homeowners that are concerned for the security of their home, office or other property.

So, you must follow these guidelines next time you plan to change your old door lock.

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