What Choices Do You Have if You Want to Buy Ladders Made from Aluminum?

Every home that has more than one floor needs a ladder. In fact, even bungalow style properties can use ladders. However, you shouldn’t just get any ladder and you have to understand that not all ladders are created equally. For the very best in terms of price, durability, weight, and versatility, heavy duty aluminum ladders are the way to go. So how do you choose the perfect ladder?

Thinking about Size

Aluminum ladders come as attic ladders, extension ladders, loft ladders, step ladders, concertina ladders, and more. What is most important, however, is that, when it is extended, it enables you to reach the areas you want to get to. If your ladder is too short, you could end up standing above the third highest run, which is very unsafe. Hence, before you start shopping, consider what your maximum working height is. If you have an extension ladder, go for no less than 3 feet. If you have a step ladder, 6 feet should really be the minimum.

Thinking about Safety Standardsladder-632939_960_720

In order to make sure that not everybody gets to sell ladders and proclaim them to be safe, a number of international standards (ISO) have been created. The ISO standard for ladders is ISO 14122. If ladders are certified with this standard, you will know they meet all the necessary safety criteria that matter. This is important, because the chance of having an accident while working on a ladder is already very high, so the last thing you want to do is make them even less safe by using a ladder that is going to break.

Ratings Are Important Too

Another thing to consider is the rating of the ladder. As a rule of thumb, three types of ratings exist, being:

  1. Class 1, used in heavy industrial settings. They can carry up to 175 kg. These are perfect for heavy usage and rough environments.
  2. Class 2, or EN 131 ladders, which follow the European safety standard. They can carry up to 150 kg, and are great for regular use.
  3. Class 3 ladders, which can carry up to 95 kg and are suitable mainly for occasional home use.

All aluminum ladders are designed to be easy and safe to handle. However, you need to make sure that you never use them around any electrical sources. They are, however, very versatile and affordable, which is why so many homeowners. However, that doesn’t mean they are right for you. Hence, before you purchase any type of ladder, you should compare the market online to see what is available. Do also speak to some of the companies you are considering, so that you can find out which ladder is most suitable for your intended use. This is vital, because if you get a ladder that isn’t able to support what you it to do, you could end up having a very serious accident and get hurt or even die.

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