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What is VIN and where to find it?

In today’s growing world, the cars have become a vital part of an individual’s life. Cars make transportation easy and also saves time. There are various types of cars in the market these days, ranging from Luxurious cars to simple car, from which a person can select. But do you know, the car which you are buying is how much valuable i.e. how safe it is drive, how much it can be affected by an accident? From the all the other website is one of the best sites to check the value of your car. This website is much helpful as it allows you to know about your car’s history, will also help you to buy or sell cars with confidence. After registration of the vehicle, the VIN number is sent to source like police stations, proprietary dealer, etc. so they can keep track records of the vehicle.

VIN or Vehicle Identification Number is a car’s unique number. The VIN of a car is like a DNA of a human body. A VIN is a combination of 17-digit long character (large alphabets and numbers) that acts as a unique identifier of a car. In most of the cars, a VIN acts as one of the sources, found on the dashboard on driver’s side or at the door post of the driver side. Apart from this, VIN can also be found in insurance card and vehicle registration book.

How to use

The website has a clean user interface with clear understandable terms. When you enter, you will find a dialog box on the right side of your screen asking for a VIN number for an instant check of reports. On inputting your VIN number in the space provided the site will take you to a report page where you can find details about your car. The report tells you about the car manufacturer, manufacturing date with year, style/body type, Engine, vehicle age and much more. Before inputting the VIN number, you can also check sample reports of some cars in Sample report section of

Since is a registered site to government’s database, the vehicle history comes from the sources like a showroom of a car, police records, insurance records, state DMV, etc.

How does this work?

When your car gets damaged or when your car is sent to some service centers, the first thing the mechanic do is they note the VIN number of a car. After noting down the VIN number, they recognize the problems and damages that are made to the vehicle. After recognizing the problem, the mechanics work on it and after everything is done, a report is generated which has all details of the work that is done on the car. After the completion of workshop process, they send the VIN number to their sources such as propriety dealers, police station, that keeps the record of serviced car. If you lost your previous report of, you can always log into their website and can look at your detailed report.

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