The cheapest way to find and Remove I-Cloud Lock on your I-phones

Description: want to know about the cheapest way to find and remove I-cloud lock on your I-phones? Here you will find all the relevant information to your doubts and queries about it.


Have you ever encountered when you turn your device on and asked for your Apple ID and password or from the previous owner from you have purchased. The device is erased but still linked to your account. If you ever turn your device on and you see a pass code locked screen then the device is not erased yet. Normally, most I-phones owners have been facing this type of problem for the past many times, they get confused sometimes where to and when to find the I-cloud lock and remove it. Some might don’t get it and they just ran into the Apple store or from the retailer they get It in a used price. But the fact of the matter is that there are two most simple and cheap ways to remove I-could lock you just need to pay attention to it.

remove icloud

Whether it any Apple touch device, you just have to follow these steps below try it out and see for yourself.

1) If the I-phone data is erased:

If you bought your I-phone from its previous owner then ask him to enter his Apple ID or password to activate the home screen so you remove the device from his account permanently. If somehow you can’t find them then follow these simple steps to remove your device from you’re his account.

  • Sign in to the I-cloud with Apple ID
  • Then go to the option find my I-phone
  • Select all the devices that are linked with its previous account.
  • Then select the device to be removed permanently
  • Now click the remove button from the account

After removing the device from the previous owner account you can turn off your I-phone and turn it back after sometime to begin the new setup.

2) If the I-phone’s data isn’t erased:

Just to go the device settings if you want to completely erase the data everything. So you can begin it with new settings and contents.  Connect your I-phone to the Wi-Fi or any cellular network and then just follow these simple steps to remove I-cloud lock from his account.

  • Sign into the I-cloud with Apple ID
  • Go to option found my I-phone
  • Click the erase all the data button
  • Wait for few minutes until the devices is completely erased
  • Now remove it from the account permanently

After this turn the I-phone off for some minutes and turns it on and you will get the whole new functioned system without worrying about the I-cloud activation lock.


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