Playstation 2 is designed and developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is a home video game console and handheld device. The fifth generation of gaming is called a 3D era that refers to computers. It includes cheap ps2 Console, video games, video games consoles and handheld devices from 1993 to 2000. Since that time the best playing and best-selling console is the play station. It was an extended form of Sega Saturn and Nintendo 64.

This was first launched in Japan then America and Europe. Before the PlayStation, dream cast was doing very successful business in America.  Fully playable demos of ps2 that included Gran Turismo & taken tag tournament. This gaming features revealed graphics, strength and power of a ps2 console.

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Entry of console to home was a victory by Sony. It happened when more gaming developments were added in ps2 and these development kits for a consumer. Consol’s built in functionality cater its demand for more consumers depicting it just beyond a gamer.  This was because of its low debut price and it benefited a lot domestically.

Ps2 console become famous later while it has had many competitors i.e. Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo game cube, and Dreamcast. A close three-way match was analyzed by some analysts; most strong and powerful hardware was possessed by Xbox, GameCube by that time had cheap console, and Nintendo reviewed its policy for the motivation of third party who is developing. Ps2 has fewer specifications as compared to other mentioned competitors. Gradually with the release of blockbuster games, ps2 become famous while holding off the rivals.

Ps2 is superb due to popular console. It is developed with emotion engineer processor and has 128-bit console. It is available in AV cable and UK lead. Its DVD player is of region 2. Peripheral USB ports, the number of high varieties Sony products can be connected with it. Expansion slot PCMCIA type III is used to connect more hardware in the future. DVD remote is functional for which, infra red receiver is built in.  This also makes backward PSone games compatibility feature. There is a ps2 stand available with ps2. A vast library of games is available from where to choose the favorite one.

Slimmer ps2 is more efficient and less vulnerable. All times best selling console ps2 black. It has been much popular in Europe since the time of its release. It is featured with top games i.e. grand theft auto, resident evil4, and San Andreas. Other wide ranges of accessories are featured DVD & CD playback, and online multiplayer.

Cheap consol ps2 are also available at Amazon. Those are integrated with multiple characteristics i.e. surround sound, memory card slots, slimmest designs, modem & Ethernet port, and light weight. Ps2 console boxed is 32 MB and fast in performance. It is Sony video game console that is awesome in its graphical abilities and can be connected to TV with A/V cord to have best picture appearance and quality sound. Two USB connection ports  are free with it.  It is best suited to serious gamers.

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