Cheap Engineered Oak Wooden Flooring

Having a product that can provide you with some amazing warmth of solid and amazing wood in the form of a hard wearing floor’s surface is more than a blessing because keeping your home furnished and wooden floored makes you home perfectly beautiful. If you are also in search of such flooring then we would like to recommend you to consider Engineered Oak Flooring. They are actually really amazing and wonderful alternative to the actual wood. The reason is that they are designed in such a manner that they reflect a very tough and a very durable nature without even shrinking and even warping. There are many types of Oak Engineered Wooden Floorings. Some of them are mentioned below.

Engineered Oak Flooring

Pearl Satin Engineered Oak Wooden Flooring

This is a very famous type of Oak Wooden flooring with the thickness of around 14mm along with the layer of solid hard top of about 3mm it makes it 125mm Pearl Satin Engineered Oak Wooden Flooring. This product has arrival in various lengths which varies between the lengths of 300 to 1200 mm having a plank of average 700 mm. This type of Oak Wooden Flooring has a pre furnishing of seven layers coating of natural UV gloss providing an ultimate protection to it. Each layer of it has a beveled edging that gives each layer a more natural definition of furnishing.

Brushed Oiled Engineered Oak Wooden Flooring

Brushed Oiled Engineered Oak Wooden Flooring is another type of Oak wooden flooring. It has a complete thickness of about 14 mm along with a layer of hardtop of about 3 mm. The hardtop layer is solid. The flooring has a length of about 125mm. The availability of this product varies from 300 mm to 1200 mm and has an average size of plank of about 700 mm. This product has a layer of UV oil on it that gives a beautiful texture of plank and a very perfect character of your house. This brushed oiled engineered wooden floor can easily be sanded down approximately up to four times though its sanding is not necessary, at least for the first 15 to 20 years. The product’s grade is rusty that makes it more warm and character.

Antique Brushed Engineered Oak Wooden Flooring

This is another type of engineered oak flooring. This beautiful 125 mm floor has an amazing thickness of about 14 mm and has hardtop layer of 3 mm. This product varies from the length of 300 mm to 1200 mm and has an average size of plank about 700 mm. This wooden floor has a UV Lacquer brushed on its surface making it furnished giving its plank a very look of texture and its character. This product also can easily be sanded down but sanding it down is not necessary, not at least for about the starting 15 to 30 years of furnishing. This product’s grade is also rusty. Rustic means that it has many imperfections that technically makes it more perfect, warm and character.

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