Are Cheap Clothes for Kids Really Less Costly?

All parents are lured by inexpensive, generic kids clothes. Children go through clothes so quickly, that nobody wants to spend a lot on garments. However, how often do you actually have to go out shopping, and how devastating is it each time that you can’t find anything that is really nice? The reality is that the price may be low, the quality is equally low. In reality, opting for slightly better kids clothing brands, even though the price tag may be a bit higher, means that you spend less money overall.

False Economy

The reality is that cheap, generic brands give you a false sense of economy. Let’s say that you buy your daughter a $5 pair of tights. This is a lot cheaper than a $20 pair of tight from a designer store. Let’s also say that the $5 pair of tights is of a really cute design, so you wouldn’t gain anything in terms of looks by opting for the more expensive one. However, if your daughter goes out playing and sits on a carpeted floor, the pair of tights will have a hole in them, so you have to buy some more. This will happen several times, easily bringing the total up to far more than $20. Because the $20 tights are designed to last. Hence, you would actually spend a lot less overall had you simply purchased the more expensive brand.

What Is Shopping Right?

Just because something is more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean it is better. Plus, there are ways to shop for expensive things that won’t cost you as much. The key to things is that you have to have patience. Every item you see in a new clothing line will eventually be on sale, so, by not being enticed by the million dollar advertising campaigns (why do you think clothes are so expensive at first?), and waiting until an end of season sale, you could save between 50% and 80% on the price. You can see what kind of return on investment you can get by waiting!

Obviously, when you buy out of season, it also means that you will end up with clothes that are not appropriate for the season that you are in. After all, there is little point buying a wooly jumper at the start of summer. However, this is why you need to think ahead, and start buying for next year. Plus, some of the clothes can be worn all year long, so don’t be afraid to buying something that seems summery when summer is nearly over.

What Is Selling Right?

Designer clothes last for year. Children, however, grow very rapidly. Hence, by the time they have outgrown their clothes, there will still be lots of wear in them. You can easily then choose to sell them to families who really cannot afford the designer labels, meaning you get a bit of money back as well. When you put all of this together, you may actually end up spending less than $5 for that $20 pair of tights!

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