Charity- the Synonym for Friendship

To those who have enough money to spend, who are blessed to be born with the silver spoon, have multiple ways to spend the. From fancy luxurious cars to expensive clothes, there are multiple ways where the hard earned or your inherited dollars can be spent. There’s no wrong in doing it, for you might be working day and night and you deserve being rewarded for all the labor that you put in. What about rewarding someone else with this dollar that you planned to spend on yourself? It might sound to be unfair with you, but there’s no trying it out if you’ve never done it before.


According to Ahmed Nashaat and some of the renowned organizations, there are multiple ways in which a charitable behavior can lead benefits to the giver. To some this might be very astonishing. If one comes up and donate some money out of his own pocket, then how come it can be of any benefit? Going by the philosophical studies, one might comment charitable activities are noble, and hence one might feel good. But how does that affect in benefitting the individuals? Studies have shown there are indeed few ways which can give back the donor subtly.

While addressing the benefits of charitable activities, the experts have come up with multiple points that can never be denied under any circumstances.

  • While one donates to charitable organizations, the entire amount donated is counted as a non-taxable figure. There are multiple other expenses included while donating in a charitable event. If you’re looking for some reputed organization that diligently works for the society large, then you need to go up to their office, have a talk with them, and then make the donation. Be it the parking fee, travel allowance, or even convention fees, all come under non-taxable account. Until and unless you’re being reimbursed by the charity, you can feel free to include them in your tax papers.
  • With materialistic gains being discussed, it’s time to speak of some other benefits that might help you living a more concerned life. A donation includes a thorough research work of multiple events that take place around you. There are umpteen numbers of cases that calls for justice, and it might be great pleasure for you to be engaged with one of them. Since you get to know of how these cases occur, you become more aware of what’s happening around you. The knowledge will help you enhance the awareness of the social problems, and influence more and more people to engage from an educational standpoint.

Ahmed Nashaat, who has been involved with multiple such charitable organizations, believes that these non-profit firms might work for some cause, but the biggest cause for doing charity is to stand by a human being. God has made all equal, each and every human being shares the same blood. It’s the moral responsibility entrusted upon him by birth to stand by those brothers from different mothers. The materialistic gain stands nowhere in the front of the inherent pleasure that you receive by acting selflessly for a cause.

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