The Challenges of Losing Weight

The weight loss industry is raving about products that help people to take off unwanted pounds without making life miserable. Plans like Optifast are extremely popular right now. These plans advertise you can use delicious shakes and simply replace your normal meals.  Shakes like Slim Fast have been on the market for years and don’t seem to be going anywhere fast. There are some things people on shake meal replacement plans might want to consider to achieve the best possible results.


*Nothing replaces the need for a complete and balanced diet. If you use the shakes without changing your nutritional knowledge and habits, the weight you lose will come right back when you stop replacing your meals.

*Read all of the packing instructions and the included meal plan for the shake system you choose to use. Each one is slightly different. Optifast includes very specific instructions and so do many others. If clear instructions are not included, then it is not the right plan for you.

*Be sure you actually like the taste of the shakes you choose to use. This is going to be a main part of your diet for a while and if it is a miserable experience you are not likely to stick with it. Some people report their shakes become a “treat” or desert like experience, and this makes total sense when the flavors are comparable to our favorite ice-cream treats.

*Add in daily physical activity if you have not already done so. This not only increases the likelihood that your shake experience will work. It also helps to improve your cardiovascular health and stave off diabetes. If you are already diabetic, please consult a physician before starting any particular program so you can be sure the sugar/carbohydrate balance is safe for you.

*Talk to all your friends and do online research to find out what programs are available and working in your area. What have your friends done that have worked and does anyone want to partner up with you for accountability?


Losing weight can be a really difficult and slow journey. With the proper tools, a great team of supportive friends and family, and the proper weight loss products paired with a balanced and nutritious diet, you can do this. No one is stuck in the body of today. Though weight loss is not healthy when done too quickly, and is difficult to maintain when not done in a healthy way, it is likely that if you are very overweight, the initial phase of weight loss may feel fairly rapid. Don’t be discouraged when this slows down to a steady and consistent loss over time.


Weight loss is a situation when slow and steady wins the race. Dedication, consistency and motivation are all key factors. Don’t be afraid to use weight loss tools such as the Optifast program to help you on your journey, but remember to make the necessary long term life changes that will ensure your results are not temporary, but lifelong.

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