Cerazette – The Miracle Mini-Pill

Some women are not interested in taking a contraceptive that contains oestrogen. Cerazette is one of the best options for them. It only contains a synthetic progesterone named desogestrel. As its primary action, it inhibits the process of ovulation while increasing the thickness of cervical wall.


Reliable Contraceptive

In 1998, a multicentre, double-blinded and randomized trial was conducted to test the reliability of Cerazette. 327 women took levonorgestrel while 979 women took Cerazette. While three pregnancies were observed in the women consuming levonorgestrel, only one was observed in the latter group. The Pearl Index, which is the number of pregnancies in 100 women per year, also observed an index of 0.4, as compared to others reaching up to 1.55 per year .

Why is Cerazette Better?

As compared to other progesterone-only pills, cerazette also inhibits ovulation. Normally, progesterone-only pills thicken the cervix but do nothing to inhibit ovulation. There’s only an effectivity of 27 hours in these pills. On the other hand, cerazette provides inhibition of ovulation for up to 36 hours, offering a convenience and reliability like the combined oral contraceptives.

Treating Heavy and Painful Periods

Progesterone-only pills can help make the period better for women who suffer from heavy, prolonged and painful periods. Cerazette helps to reduce the bleeding by inducing amenorrhoea. When Cerazette was compared with women on combination pills, it was found that cerazette-takers experienced less bleeding over time .

Drug Compliance and Acceptability

With the intake of Cerazette, it has been proved that there is a low susceptibility to oedema, nausea, breast pain and headaches. Moreover, there is also improved compliance recorded in women who take progesterone-only pill as it improves painful period.


Cerazette is extremely helpful for women who are over 40 years of age and cannot take oestrogen as a contraceptive. Doctors also recommend it to women who are breastfeeding, or who suffer from oestrogen-related side effects . Moreover, women who have are obese, or consume a lot of alcohol or cigarettes also find it to be helpful. It does not affect any future fertility, as commonly feared by women on contraceptives, nor does it cause any weight gain.

However, in case of women who are pregnant, or on other medication in addition to Cerazette, they should seek out medical advice before they start on this medicine. Moreover, women who are already suffering from amenorrhoea, and wanting to get their period flow back to normal, should look for other alternatives.

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