Celebrating on Your Wedding Day

Weddings are a very fun and exciting celebration of two people’s love becoming joined together forever. Typically, the bride and groom will plan a trip right after the ceremony called a honeymoon and that will be the biggest part of their private celebration. A couple’s honeymoon is usually a very big deal, and likely it will be the most expensive and elaborate vacation they ever go on in their lives. However, it is also very important to celebrate with all of the guests at the ceremony and reception since they aren’t going to be with you on your honeymoon.

Wedding Day

Celebrating on you wedding day is crucial to the party because your guests are going be in the mood for fun. Though most of the things that make up a wedding day are usually quite fun, it is a really great idea to do a few things to make the experience even better for everyone involved. Fortunately, there are some really great things that you can do to make your wedding as exciting and fun as possible for little or no money.


When most people think about sparklers, they don’t usually think about weddings. The very notion of sparklers typically conjures up visions of backyard barbecues in the middle of summer and other activities surrounding the 4th of July. However, there are companies out that that specifically make wedding sparklers to make your special celebration much more fun. Wedding sparklers come in decorative packaging and also produce little or no smoke so they can be used indoors.


Though almost every good wedding celebration will already include dancing and music, it can be a bit of extra fun to integrate some games into the dances. One of my favorite dancing games is to have all the couples go out there and dance while someone announces how long couples must have been married to stay on the dance floor. For instance, you would say “2 years or more”, and anyone who has been married less than that length of time exits the dance floor. Eventually you get down to the very last couple that has been married longer than anyone else in the room, and it is a very romantic moment.

Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are always a great way to tell your guests that you appreciate them coming to your wedding, but instead of giving them a keepsake to take home and put on a shelf or in their junk drawer, giving them wedding favors that will be used at the reception can really make the party better. You could hand out items such as confetti guns or bubbles that will make the entire celebration much more exciting and it will only cost a few cents per guests depending on the type of wedding favors you decide to go with.

Between wedding sparklers, dancing, and handing out wedding favors, your guests are sure to have a spectacular time. Just remember that it is supposed to be a magical time that you’ll remember forever, so finding fun things to do while celebrating your wedding day is crucial for both you and your guests to have the best possible experience.

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