Career in Engineering? Here’s Some of the Branches to Choose From

Engineering is a great profession to aim for, a job that allows you to be a creative thinker, use innovation, design and cutting edge technology to create and achieve incredible things. When it comes to the field of engineering there are several different branches in which you can work in and the earlier you decide upon your specialization, the better it will be as you can steer your education towards this area. Here are just some of the areas of engineering that you can work in, they all work on the same basic principles but each requires their own technical attributes.

Group of architects working on a project.

 Aerospace Engineering

 Working with all things air and space allows you to truly work at the forefront of modern technology, planes and space shuttles require intricate and innovative design that will test you daily as you work on projects that take air travel in to the future. This industry is where you will find some of the most skilled engineers, people like Anura Perera Raycom’s CEO who created his firm after mastering other branches of engineering such as construction and shipbuilding. Leading lights in the industry like Anura are more than just engineers, they also contribute to the world of business and philanthropy and with a career in aerospace engineering, theirs are the footsteps you should look to follow in.

 Chemical Engineering

 Engineering is more than just nuts and bolts and with chemical engineering you will be working in a highly specialized industry that works with chemicals seeking to turn them into something of substance. You could be working in the healthcare field looking to create new drugs, working in biochemistry seeking to discover new ways and means to accomplish problems facing the world or even in environmental engineering looking for ways to minimize our carbon footprint. Working in this branch of engineering requires a very high level knowledge of chemistry and you will be constantly learning about new ways of doing things and new technology to help you.

 Civil Engineering

 The most popular branch of engineering is civil engineering, essentially the innovation, design and creation of buildings, bridges, transport links, and most of the structures that you see around you. This can be a very demanding area of engineering, you will be working on large-scale projects that require the meeting of tight deadlines and strict budgets. This is also a very rewarding branch of engineering, to be able to see the completion of something that you have helped to design or create is a great feeling. There are several sub categories of civil engineering that you can specialize in such as architecture and once you are working within the civil engineering field the you can easily transfer your skills across sub categories. Civil engineering can pay very well and provide you with a stable job along with many options for promotion and management within private companies and projects within the public sector as well.

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