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Car keys are just not keys you think it has developed and new tech has given more value to your car lock. Never ever think that you will get copy of your keys as 1, 2, 3. One of my close friend said his class mate got it in very devastating.  He was on a trip but going back from his car to the beach he forgot his keys in other pocket. He was called in to have some great time in beach later on the surfed to have some fun with his dude. After coming back from surfing to his car he lost his keys actually he dropped it in beach and lost it.

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Technology is everywhere to your home doors to your cars now a day new cars have proximity key which unlocks car automatically whenever you grab your car door handle and you even give a start it switching it. Some of keys are coming with a transponder it helps your car safe and thief cannot steal it.

Thief will be unable to start your car until it matches your car program. There are other fob programs with buttons to lock and unlock your car.

Once you have lost key and fob it will cost you more than $250 to replace with a good dealer it will cost you according to your car and your car keys which is designed different. There is a Lexus dealer which will cost you $400 for new fob and new key and program it gently.BMW mobile will approximately can cost you more than $500 but fobs replacement will depend on your BMW Mobile Model.

If you think you do not need key for your car there is another way to get this job done by a replacement from internet. Other big company name Honda dealer has conversation with us and cleared that they will charge $200 for Honda Accord some of sites they will give some of discount but we got it in $54 from a source with program and key cost $75. It is on the model you have and also the dealer’s choice. You can save more $ if you know programming and can do for your car lock videos can be found on the other online websites.

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