Can a sparking smile increase your chances of landing that dream date?

When you take a first glance at someone, a potential mate, or even a stranger, the first thing that all of us notice is the other person’s teeth. Whether they are clean, have food stuck in them, how straight they are, are they discolored? Are they crooked? Are they wearing braces? Should they be?! Teeth certainly play a huge role in the way someone looks and the perceptions about that person, which conclude there is a significant importance placed on those pearly whites and attractiveness.

A prospective partner may view your teeth and base sweeping generalizations about your health and cleanliness. A sparkly white, pristine smile, of course will lead to the assumption that you are well groomed and take care of yourself. Of course discolored, decayed or even missing teeth, could lead your prospective suitor into thinking that you do not take ample care of your teeth and personal hygiene.

Unfortunately, not everyone can be blessed with an immaculate smile but do not despair! Dental flaws do not necessarily mean your dating days are doomed, but it may be require a little more effort to make the best of the card you have been dealt.

If your teeth are not naturally straight, or perhaps you have a tooth or two missing, maybe dark unsightly fillings are the cause for your imperfect smile, there are actually now, more than ever, many solutions that can rectify these issues and have your teeth looking like those of Hollywood A-listers.

If it is just a case of teeth turning a yellow tinge over the years, then the easiest and probably most cost effective of all cosmetic dentistry is teeth whitening.

This can come in many forms, teeth whitening strips, pens, tooth pastes, mouth washes and gels. The gels tend to offer a more intensive treatment, containing Carbamide Peroxide, results are usually visible from the first application. (Great before the first date!) The Gel is activated by an LED light which speeds up the whitening process. Such treatments are available as the dentist, in beauty salons or you may prefer the more cost effective, at home whitening kits.

If it’s more than just the shade of the teeth that is your cause for concern, you may be surprised at how many treatments are on the market.

From invisible braces, to Lingual braces, to veneers, to flippers (temporary replacement of a lone tooth) and silver filling replacements. These are all relatively simple procedures that can have a dramatic impact on the way you look.

If your needs are more drastic, dental implants may be the most suitable solution.

Treatments aside, the most positive impact you can have on your dental health is taking good care of them in the first place. Brushing twice a day, visiting your dentist at least twice a year, flossing and avoiding high sugar foods and dark staining drinks.

If you are happy and confident with your smile it can have a massive knock on effect to the rest of your life.  Not having to hide away, or avoid having your picture taking. Having the confidence to go on that date, wowing at that job interview.

It is true, a smile can light up a room so make sure you are getting the most out of yours took to it’s audience and conducted a poll on what men and women notice on dates and it is no surprise that poor hygiene made the list, regardless of what you’re wearing, detailing that 11% found bad breath as an instant turn off. Whilst one female social experimenter tooth the research one step further and decided to create 2 dating app profiles on the website Plenty of Fish. One showing her with a perfect smile and the other depicting her with stained teeth. She wanted to see if unhealthy looking teeth would be a deal breaker when it came to dating. Over the week, the experiment showed that there were 60% more messages to the account with a perfect smile. It definitely is an interesting test and shows the effects of one small change in a facial feature can have such drastic changes in the responsiveness and the level of attraction a person perceives to another.

The dating realm can certainly be confusing and full of demands to meet certain expectations in the hope of wooing your potential match, but from various studies, polls and experiments, it certainly shows that a sparkling smile increases your chances of landing that dream date!

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