How can We Find a Lost Phone?

Since the ERA of war between Android and IOS. One can find lost phone without breaking a sweat. A phone can either be lost or stolen. Since there are two different platforms, we are going to address Android today.

Android with Google Tracking

Android platform provides the google celebrated services finding and managing the phone. This technique is basically known as accessing your phone from promoting electronic devices. Google play has a lot of different apps that are developed all-around the globe by different developers. Tracking and remotely accessing the phone. Android device manager is an app that is embedded into every android based phone itself. The app can be run on latest android patches. But the patch shouldn’t be lower than 2.3. If the android manager isn’t available on your phone try to download and install it. Make sure to check the phone is compatible to run the application regarding software updates.

Android Manager should be set up before time. This helps in ways because you can locate the phone and activates different services on the phone. The app will help you locate the phone through Wi-Fi and GPS. In case one can’t find the phone. They can try to remove all the data inside the phone. This would still need an internet connection on a cell phone that is missing and on the website the owner is accessing. Different apps on the Google play store can get you more info about the current location of the phone. These apps have other features that help in efficiently tracking the phone and thief. Features like taking screenshots of the phone, and take photos through the front camera that can get info on the person using the phone. Installing different patches on the phone can help the owner in tracking the phone at a faster rate. But different patches can create different kinds of problems on installing different apps.

How Samsung is Innovating in Cellphone?

Since different companies are introducing new devices rapidly. Samsung has launched a feature in Galaxy S6, a trademark series of Samsung. This feature locks the owner phone that can’t be avoided by hard reset. Factory lock is useless on this lock it won’t respond to the correct input the password has been given. Samsung has been most innovating companies on finding your phone solution. They have been embedding different kinds of signal throwing technologies that would give the location of lost phone once requesting from the owner.  A phone is not always stolen. It can be missing. Revisiting the places can find your phone back. There are different apps that can track back the location of owner internet usage. Owners just have to get logged onto the website and had the app installed on the phone. As the internet either uses GPS or WI-FI that leave track marks where and when it was used.  This is how a lost phone can be recovered immediately.  A certain care should be taken of these smartphones as they carry personal and professional information.

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