Campad Mobile Phone accessories—The perfect appendage for your iPhone and iPad

Mobile phones are undoubtedly one of the most valuable items that we carry around these days. Gone are those days when people would spend on expensive watches to boast off their wealth. But now, it’s all about Apple Watches and iPhones. It’s a digital era and everything works around the principles of technology. Whether it’s a new watch on your wrist or a smartphone in your pocket, it needs to be the best one out there.

The competition is real. Gadgets and gizmos are one way to tell the world that you are tech-savvy and follow all the latest digital trends. But there is one problem—just buying a new smartphone doesn’t make you unique. You have do something to reflect on your individuality. People spend hundreds of dollars to customise their iPhones and smartwatches with gold plating and diamonds. But you don’t necessarily need gold around your wrist or palms, because there is another way for you to customise your smartphone through mobile phone accessories.


Mobile phone accessories like covers and cases don’t only provide protection to  your precious and expensive smartphones from dust, and falls, but are also an inexpensive way for you to standout from the rest. Mobile covers are also a great way to tell others about your interests and thoughts. There are tons of companies that have been selling some of the most fashionable and durable mobile covers and screen guards. Campad electronics provides all the latest mobile phone accessories from some of the very best mobile phone accessories manufacturers. So whether you want to add aesthetics to your smartphones or just want something tough enough to protect your phone against scratch and damage, check out some of our top-of-the-line iPhone and iPad accessories that are worth a try.

 iPhone mobile accessories

From lightning fast car charger, to bluetooth headsets, to mobile cases, headphones and  screen protectors, Campad electronics has got it covered. We provide one of the biggest stock and variety of iPhone accessories. Whether it’s classy phone pouch from Otterbox or colorful symmetry case, we have accessories that will make you fall in love with your iPhone, once again.

Do you like working out but don’t like the idea of alienating your smartphone, try the Otterbox Universal Armband for iPhone 6/6S/5S/5. Are you going on a camping trip and need juice for your iPhone, try the ultraportable USB Power bank. Are you scared of holding onto your phone while driving, switch to one of our bluetooth Minikit Plus for iOS devices.

Whether you have the latest iPhone 6S or the vintage iPhone 3GS, visit our online store and you will definitely find something for your phone.

 iPad mobile accessories

We know you can’t even imagine the sight of a scratchy iPad. But what’s more important when you have an iPad is to properly accessorise it so that it gets easy to carry around and could also be used as a stand. Try our Extreme Velocity Case for extra protection or a bluetooth keyboard to write your notes. You can also try our Kensington Keyfolio Executive Plus Zipper Folio case that has a built-in keyboard and can also serve as an iPad stand.

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