CA Speeding Tickets in 2018: What Has Changed & What You Should Do If You Receive One

While there are no new laws in California that could impact the price of your speeding ticket, it’s still a hassle and a shock to the system if you get one. For the past decade, the fines for speeding in California have been steadily increasing, so it’s smart to fight your ticket in court instead of simply paying the fine and accepting the consequence. Here’s what you should do if you get a ticket.

 Pay the Fine

To start with, some drivers just opt to pay the fine when they get a speeding ticket. While this is the simplest route, it also may be the costliest. Besides having to pay a large fine, your speeding ticket could also cost you points on your license.

Choose Court

 Another option that makes more sense for most drivers it to choose to fight the ticket in court. Now, drivers don’t have to pay the fine first before opting for a court date. You simply check off the indication on your ticket and send it back.

Plan Your Case

 After deciding to fight your ticket, you’ll then need to plan out your case. Some traffic cases can be easily decided in a manner of minutes at court. Think about what happened when you received your speeding ticket and if there was a reason why you were driving fast.

Get a Lawyer

The best approach for fighting your ticket in court is to prepare with a speeding ticket lawyer. A lawyer can help make your case much stronger and give you a better chance of winning.

Make Your Appearance

The last thing to do is go to court with your traffic lawyer California. Your lawyer can handle the details about your case and present information and evidence to the judge.

Check out The Ticket Clinic to get started on fighting your ticket in California. Don’t leave your case up to chance or immediately pay the fine if you want the best outcome.

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