Golf Buddy wrist watches are a functional GPS watch that does everything clearly and extremely well. They are quite a big watch with a tall face and a deep body to accommodate GPS wizardry.  A few examples include Golf Buddy WT4, Golf Buddy WT3, and Golf Buddy LR3 etc.  Golf Buddy wrist watch offers a sporty design in fresh color combinations; it is light in weight, comfortable on the wrist and it is capable of showing the distance you walk at any point in time. Also, the GPS tracking of time and distance for the round the golf buddy wrist watch has is a nice touch and can be used alone should you wish to monitor the distance you walk off the course. Golf Buddy wristwatch is a lot more comfortable and modest to wear while playing golf than it appears.

The Golf Buddy watch has a clear navigation as well as several good features. However, the major feature it has is the precise yardages to the front, back and middle of the green from the golfers’ angle of approach. On the home screen, beneath the yardage to the centre of the green, you can either show the front or the back yardages including the distance walked


Furthermore, Golf Buddy wrist watch has a shot tracking tool, which allows you to impress your playing partner(s) whenever they inquire about how far your drive went. Once you hit your impressive drive, simply enter the shot tracking mode by holding the upper right button until the icon appears. When you get to where your ball is, press the same button once again.

The Golf Buddy watch has quick-to-use buttons to its sides, which makes it easier to operate. It also allows you to scroll through hazards by pressing the button located at the bottom right, to ensure you stay safe of the water and the beach. The digits on the Golf Buddy watch display screen are large, clear and the watch can easily pick up your location quickly and easily.

Although charging the Golf Buddy watch can be a little tricky to start with however, once it is up and running for the first time, you will surely get used to it. At startup, the Golf Buddy watch will automatically set the time and date from the GPS signal. Also in time setting, it displays a sunrise and sunset time that is exciting to understand. The Golf Buddy watch features a rechargeable battery and delivers 8 hrs of battery life in full GPS mode and 35 days in watch mode.

The Golf Buddy watch is a must have wrist watch straight from the source!

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