Buy Aircrafts Parts, Machinery and Defense Equipments Online

ABG Group is the principal distributor and supplier of aviation parts and equipment with landed and installation charges with full technical support. We are manufacturing around 20,000 spare parts with state-of-the-art technology with quality assurance and all of the world distribution facility. We ensure the finest quality of the parts and equipment that are developed on the most advanced technological structures to fit the needs of modern aviation. We can deliver custom orders within the minimum tenure and have lots of satisfied customers. We manufacture a broad range of cargo and fighter airplane to satisfy the logistic and defense needs of the customers.


We offer our services for more than just manufacturing the parts and equipment, our value added services includes services for procurement of customized parts and assemble the entire catalog of the spare parts for the smooth operations of aviation. We offer assistance for the technical inspection and some technical facilities for the protection of the fleet. We are leading defense development company with airframe manufacturing, engine manufacturing and hundreds of aviation material. We have manufactured since 1950 and have a huge experience to provide quality products with unmatched services to the aviation community.

AeroBase offers competitive pricing for the parts and equipment for the aviation industry. We enjoy the most advanced manufacturing techniques like Just In Time (JIT) to deliver the parts on time. We always fulfill the expectations of the client meet the expectations of the customer in providing best aviation equipment. Get inventories of airframe, accessories, engines, turbines and everything that is needed to keep running aircraft with complete precision. We can deliver the technologically advanced and good engineering accessories to be used in the aviation industry.

We extend our support for the long term and offer after sales services to the customers in tackling all the issues of our clients. AeroBase has advanced supply chain management system that allows us to deliver the customers within a sufficient period. We have outsourced our manufacturing to the different parts of the world which enable us to reach to nearly all the destinations of the world to deliver and equip our services. We have partners throughout the Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East and Pacific.

At Aerobase, we provide repair and assembly solutions for our customers using the modern technology. We offer short time repair solutions, exchange of parts and sourcing solutions in the least possible time. Our current supply chain management system allows customers to run their business effectively and efficiently. We let you focus on the core competencies rather than dealing with the troubleshooting of the technical issues and waste your time in dealing with the routine repair methods.

We help the customers to maintain minimum inventory levels for the spare parts and accessories. We can deliver the equipment to repair and services anytime without affecting the operations of your company. We offer tailor made services to the customers with the highest quality of manufacturing.

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