Build Explosiveness with Box Jumps

Explosiveness is one of the most coveted traits by athletes. Regardless of the sport you play, this is a trait that makes an incredible athlete. For this reason, working on your explosiveness is a brilliant idea, and box jumps are the ideal exercises for this. Adding these exercises into your routine will undoubtedly help you reach new heights of fitness. The best part is that box jumps are simple exercises to incorporate into your workout regime. A box is the only requirement you need for box jumps.

The box jump technique

The box jump technique is easy to learn. It entails jumping on top of a box. You land on the top of it with both feet, get down, and jump again. The box jump is a highly rated plyometric exercise. According to a report published by the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy, the box jump not only strengthens your ligaments and tendons, but it also helps prevent injuries. The boxes used in the box jump exercise come in different sizes and shapes.

These boxes are usually wrapped with a cushion to protect your injury in case of a fall. You don’t want to smack your shins, either. For this reason, you have to use a box with the right height. Using a small box may provide you with much-needed safety.

So, what can box jumps help you achieve?

If you’d like to improve your speed, box jumps should be your go-to exercises. They enhance your stride frequency as well as your length exercise. Besides that, box jumps also help you build power. This means that after adopting these exercises, you’ll certainly run much faster. Moreover, you can supplement your workouts with steroids from reliable vendors like Valkyrie to attain more speed and strength.

Cheating during the box jump

Most people unintentionally cheat during the box jump. The problem is that they use higher boxes, and this forces them to target the surface of the box with their feet. However, if you want to know whether you are jumping right, focus on your hips. If you notice that your hips are going quite high, then you are jumping as required. You also need to land softly. Landing in a way that puts an extra strain on your knees, hips, and joints can cause an injury.

Increase the depth of your jumps for explosiveness

After you learn how to perform the box jump in a stable way, you can increase the depth of your jump to garner explosiveness. Don’t try this when you are still at the beginner level to avoid hurting yourself. For high-impact depth jumps, you should have two boxes. 18 inches should be the ideal height for each box. Set them two or more meters apart, jump on one, step off, and jump onto the other. With this technique, you are guaranteed to gain massive power and speed.

The box jump is an exercise that anyone who likes to work out can learn. It leaves an athlete in better shape than never before. Try it and you’ll see the results in a few weeks.

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