Bruce Lee’s Philosophy

Bruce Lee was really into studying philosophies, just like his physical training he was always trying to expand his mind. He researched both western and eastern philosophies because he found importance in both. Remember he was a philosophy major at the University of Washington.

Bruce once quoted in an interview “All knowledge ultimately means self-knowledge.” Like his thoughts on taking all the best from different forms of martial art styles and using them to perfect his own style, he would study all forms of thinking to better his own mental capability to expand his mind. He felt opening the mind would make you accepting to all possibilities, having a closed mind would keep you from learning.

Throughout Bruce’s adult life, he stated and wrote many quotes that he learned during his studies or he conceived from his own personal feelings. He really believed in this, Bruce Lee Philosophy helped shape his life and helped guide him to his great success.

If you have seen the TV show “Longstreet” which starred James Franciscus that ran 1970 -1971, you will have seen Bruce make several appearances. He always had a bit of philosophy that he would quote while he was teaching Franciscus’s character martial arts. During his interview for the part of Kato, Bruce is seen giving the interviewer bits of his philosophy.

Bruce lived and breathed expanding the mind and body. He believed it and was always on the lookout for more information to pour over to help better himself. Early in his life he set a goal for his future, he knew what he wanted and wasn’t going to let anything stop him.

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