Brand New: Tomboy Haircut


Many ladies lose themselves in conjectures, how Tomboy haircut looks and whether it can be styled at home. We’ll give you answers to these questions. Moreover, you’ll learn why this haircut upper east side is so popular and what are its main types.

Tomboy Haircut

The history of Tomboy

The history of Tomboy haircut started at the beginning of the twentieth century, when women first appeared at social events wearing men’s suits and hairstyles. Soon, realizing equality with the stronger sex, women began to dress men’s clothes and wear their hairdos proudly. Today Tomboy haircut keeps its leading position on catwalks for a few seasons.

Tomboy is truly unique haircut upper east side, as it fits not only spunk girls, but also romantic persons and business ladies with different face shapes and hair type. It is natural and genuine. What does it mean? The fact is that the haircut has a psychological effect on people. Tomboy gives the impression of neat and self-confident person.

Tomboy is a good possibility to choose an appropriate styling for your face shape;  you can style it by yourself without any difficulty. Although, for certain hair types styling may be unnecessary. Sometimes it is enough to wash and dry short hair to make it look naturally and beautiful.

Tomboy may be a base for other hairstyles: creative, modern, classic or retro. There is no age limit; no matter how old you are, with this haircut you will look gorgeous. You can change the style of Tomboy haircut – from tender romantic to very strict.

Tomboy haircut types

Today Tomboy haircut is performed not only in classic version but with shifted bangs, long strands, Bob cut, and other styling variations that provide unique and  original look. The key elements are asymmetrical haircut and ragged strands:

Ragged classic Tomboy

This haircut type is done with a razor. Messy hair of different length is the main feature of ragged Tomboy. Usually hair ends also look sloppy and messy.

It is easy to style ragged strands; moreover, good-styled ragged Tomboy looks like professional styled. You should only decide whether to wear classic variant or retro one. Long and middle length hair pretty looks with ragged strands and braids. You can add hair accessories to vary your haircut appearance.

Asymmetrical Tomboy

Asymmetrical Tomboy haircut is made on a short Bob base. Hair length is no more than 15 – 17 centimeters; also, there are different length strands all over the head, from bang to top. Modern asymmetrical Tomboy is a versatile haircut that does not accept clear contour and template.

The key of perfect asymmetrical Tomboy is in its daily styling. As well as any other hairdo, it will look unattractive without proper styling. Usually it takes a minimum time and expense. Try messy hairstyle that fits good for both holiday and daily look. All you need to do is to apply hair styling product and use blow dryer.

Well, as you see, Tomboy is modern haircut for spunk and stylish girls. Use our tips and be the first who will set fashion for Tomboy!

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