Which Body Parts Are Most Suitable for Medical Grade Laser Hair Removal?

As trends head towards less body hair, many people find they’re spending more and more time tending to unwanted hair. Medical grade laser hair removal is a great solution that is effective and long-lasting. Almost any body part can benefit from this treatment, with the most suitable areas including:

The Face

Men who decide they don’t want to grow a beard can consider laser treatment to eliminate the need to shave daily and remove unsightly ingrown hairs, while women often choose laser hair removal to  remove facial hair. Many women who experience issues with facial hair such as upper lip hair find it damaging to their confidence. Medical grade laser hair removal is a more gentle process than you might think and is suitable for use on the face. This can be a life-changing choice and will usually require fewer, shorter sessions than other areas of the body.

The Underarms

For most women, shaving the underarms is a daily requirement that causes the skin to become quite sensitive, but that’s not something you need to worry about with medical grade laser hair removal. The procedure doesn’t take long and will give you longer-lasting results than other methods, especially with regular sessions.

The Bikini Area

Removing hair from the bikini area will take a number of laser treatments, but will save you time, money and pain in the future. Shaving or waxing this area can be awkward and painful, making laser hair removal a more comfortable option.

The Legs

Legs are obviously a much larger area to cover than underarms and faces, meaning the medical grade laser hair removal process will naturally take longer. This doesn’t mean it’s any less effective, however. Many women choose this option, as hairless legs are a trend that won’t be ending anytime soon and shaving can feel like a never-ending task.

The Back and Chest

Some men have thicker hair than others on their back or chest, and it’s not uncommon to want to remove it. Back hair in particular can affect a man’s self confidence. Medical grade laser hair removal can greatly reduce the hair in this hard to reach place after a series of sessions.

Anywhere Else

If you’re interested in removing hair from anywhere else on your body, talk to your local medical grade laser hair removal clinic about your options. Most lasers are safe and effective on sensitive areas as well as areas where the skin is shallow.

Laser hair removal works by targeting the hair follicle with a single wavelength beam. Damaging the root of the hair beyond repair will prevent it from growing back, giving you a long-lasting solution to unwanted hair. However, as with all procedures like this, there are risks involved. Skin is in danger of being burnt, especially if an inexperienced technician is performing the treatment. It’s recommended that you consider all the risks and speak to your technician about your concerns before proceeding.

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