Best ways to handle your small hair

The prom hairstyles are those hairstyles which girls carry casually. These are easy to make hairstyles and these give you a daring look besides making your personality gorgeous. These are hairstyle are for long, extra long and short hair depending on the trend which is going on. The trend of hairstyles mostly starts by the celebrities if you have recently seen any celebrity in short hair then it means that the short hair is in trend. However, there is era specific for every haircutting and now a day’s Prom hairstyles for short hair are inn. And you can also observe these hairstyles in fashion walks of the week.

Prom hairstyles for short hair

In prom hairstyle, there are several stylish updos for hair which are attractive and are specific for some dresses if you want to make a matching personality. Otherwise, you can take any style on any of your outfit.

For all the hairstyle it is sure that you will have to take a short haircut. Without it, you cannot make any of this hairstyle.

Press down and discover stylish hairstyles:

Spunky punk:

Do you want to stand out? And want to look bold then this is the perfect match for you. For this, you must have the layers cutting in short edges of the hair. The spunky hair is a bunch of small and big layers in your hair.

You will need hairstyling cream or gel and then a blow dryer to give them a spunky look. What you will have to do apply the cream and then brush your hair and then blow with dryer it will make your hair spread over the head in an informal form. And then just comb your to set them. And you are done!

Fun and spiky:

Let’s start with the zigzag sided hair layers. And then pull your hair apart form the back and then blow a dryer. After that take pins and twist your hair and attach them to hold the hair tightly at one side. Leave the layers of hair upwards. Repeat the same procedure with the other part and leave the hair at the other side. Comb your hair from front.

Prom pixie:

It is short haircutting with the bright color hair band to keep the hair in a straight manner. Firstly, comb your hair and then give a blow to them. Afterwards, pull hair front at your forehead. Place a headband on the top f your head. Once again brush your hair and you are ready to go now!

Low granny knot:

Knotted hairstyle gives a great and amazing look to your overall personality. This hairstyle is for the short hair which lie on the shoulder and not for those which are extra short and lie onto the ear. Just brush your hair, use gel or cream to make hair smooth and shiny. This makes a frame of hair on your face. Lets your bangs out and give them a shape. Afterwards, make a low and side ponytail and enfold it in a circle to your hair. And then use bobby pins to attach hair and it is done!

Prom pin curls:

Bangs and layers are here to serve you. Make a portion of your hair, apply gel to your hair and take a dryer to dry it however, before this use pin curls that are circular in shape and then and then leave them all for a period of minimum 2 hours. It will long last in your hair. Open the pin curls and take a dryer blow. Set your hair and be ready to leave. This prom pin curls style comes into the main category of prom hairstyles for short hair.

Side bun with curl:

It was considered so complicated to make before when we did not have the means but now we know how to make it easily. So let’s start, take a bunch of booby pins and keep a hair spray with you besides the brush and comb.

Curl your hair layers at the bottom and then open them with your fingers in a proper manner. Then pull your layer aside and pin them collectively with the bobby pins. Make its bun and then spray. Remember to keep the layers open and out from the bun.

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