Best VS Worst: How to Pick the Right Font for Writing Resume

The best thing that you need to understand is by knowing the acceptable fonts for writing resume and also the other fonts that you should avoid for writing resume. We can say that resume can be the most important thing that company check from your application. Commonly, HRD reads the application letter to only find a few ideas about the applicant, reads the CV if more detail information is needed (CV is sometimes optional and some HRDs do not require this document), and reads the resume to get impressed. Writing the right resume by choosing the best fonts for resume is one tips you can do.

Once impressed, someone “ignore” the other things. Resume is the most important tool not only to show who you are, but also to personally get in touch with the HRD. Write the resume as interesting as possible! To attract attention, you need to make sure that the writing is readable or attract someone to read. How to pick the right font for writing resume after you know some best and worst fonts for the resume?


Best Fonts for Writing Resume

  1. Garamond

If you asked about the most common font for writing resume, your answer may be Times New Roman. Yes, you are right. It is the only reason why you need to avoid that font. In fact, this font is included in the worst list. Thus, the best how to pick the right font for writing resume is Garamond. It is a good idea for you who have many things to write. By lowering the size or crowding the design, this font will fit more text without lack readability.

  1. Gill Sans

Another interesting font to complete the idea of how to pick the right font for writing resume is the Gill Sans that will give you both sense of classic and modern at once. It is simple and sophisticated. It is widely used in the UK.

  1. Cambria

It is called Clear Type Font Collection because it, indeed, provides clear look that makes the text readable. It is widely distributed with the Microsoft Office programs. It is a font that is well-designed especially when displayed on computer monitors.

  1. Calibri

This font is the default Microsoft Word font. It becomes special because using Calibri font with 12 pt. size, one can write ideal resume with 500 to 750 words long.

Worst Fonts for Writing Resume

  1. Times New Romans

As previously mentioned, the worst font for writing resume is Times New Romans. The main reason is that this font is overly used and even abused. The other reason is that this font is a bit disturbing when displayed on screens and it is difficult to read when the size is too small.

  1. Arial

In addition to Times New Romans, the most widely used font is Arial. Even it is more frequently used than the default Microsoft Office font, Calibri. One important thing of how to pick the right font for writing resume is avoiding too common thing because it is boring. Just avoid using Arial!

  1. Futura

The last how to pick the right font for writing resume idea is avoiding Futura font. Indeed, this font is interesting because it was designed to be such as “decorative” font. It has geometric form with styles, but it is atypical. It is poor for writing resume.

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