Best PC Games for Kids in 2019

At times, it may be really difficult to choose the best games for your kids. Some are just inappropriate and you don’t want them corrupting your kids’ brains. In this article, we list the best PC games for kids in 2019 to help you decide what you want for your kids. Excitingly, most of the games on this list will also exercise your child’s brain.

Best PC Games for Kids in 2019

So, while you play your best payout casino games on your mobile device, your kids could be playing their favourite games on the PC. Everyone is happy! Listed below are our recommended PC games for kids this year.


Stylised like an old cartoon from the 30s, Cuphead is a 2D run-and-gun action game. We really think that this is the best PC game right now because it’s so engaging and fun, has immersive gameplay and has some great hand-drawn animations. Furthermore, it comes with great watercolour backgrounds as well as an original jazz soundtrack.

It’s a bit difficult but really innovative, giving the player super moves and attacks as they progress through each level. The player has to master various moves and weapons so that they can defeat the enemy. Your kids can play against other kids too as this is a multiplayer game.


An all-time favourite, Minecraft is perfect for creativity just like some sports bet odds. It challenges you to make some risky decisions. Players get to build anything, including towns and cities. Also, the game allows you to introduce computer literacy to your kid. The game has won so many awards and accolades for its creativity. The game isn’t too complex although it may take a few tries before mastering it. Excitingly, it comes with tutorials and walkthroughs.

Rocket League

This games if perfect for competition. The game is just perfect for those that love sports and fast cars. The game allows players to score goals with a giant ball, hitting them with high-powered race cars. Players get to design their own cars using 10 billion possible combos.

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