Best Nick Junior Games That Your Kids Must Play

Nick has developed large numbers of preschool games that can help your kids to improve their intellectual capacities while enjoying. The company is still making interesting TV shows, songs, and video games. You will see lots of interesting nick junior unblocked games on the official website of the company, but some games are better than the others. Some of them are listed here to help parents to select the best game for their kids.

Team Umizoomi & Dora’s Fantastic Flight

It is a very interesting game with several modes. Two of these modes are airship mode and adventure mode. In the airship mode, the main character of the game, Dora, tries to find the parts of the airship in different worlds.  Each level of this mode represents one the fours worlds; beach, grassy land, mountains and grassy lands. This game is very good for kids because it increase the ability of kids to recognize complex objects. Higher levels of this game are specially designed to older kids of age five or six. If your kids can recognize simple objects then you can give them this game to play to improve their abilities. It is one of the most popular nick jr games because it is based on famous cartoon characters.

Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends

This video game is also based on a kids’ television show. This game is developed for the Nintendo DS users. In this game, players go into the Sunny Patch’s world. They harvest different kinds of food for the winter. There are different levels of the game. The player with maximum harvested food gets the maximum points. This game is good for those kids who are weak in remembering food names and shapes. Nick junior games like this also create responsibility in kids.

Race to the Top of the World

This is nick jr free game because you can play it online without paying a penny. This game is about racing, as the name of the game is suggesting. This Nick jr free game is very popular because of cool designs of the car in this game. This game is good for kids because it help them to make quick decisions, improves their reflexes, and teach them to control things while avoiding any kind of damage. The good thing about this game is that you don’t need any kind of additional hardware or software to play it. Simply visit the official website of the company and start playing it.

All these nick jr unblocked games are very interesting, entertaining and educating. There are lots of other games of Nick that you can select for your kids. You should select video games for you because there are all kinds of unethical and violent games out there. It will be better if you play some games before selecting the one for your kids. Make a proper schedule for your kids because extensive video gaming can affect your kids’ eyesight and social behavior.

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