Hotmail login or Hotmail sign in is easy to be done through Outlook for checking email accounts on Hotmail. Outlook login is the free web-based email service that helps in giving easy access to your free account of Hotmail. It also helps with problems encountered during use of Hotmail. Procedure to access Hotmail sign in is easy and it can easily be completed within minutes. Another name of Hotmail is or Services are however same and procedure of Hotmail login is similar for each of the domain names. Sign in page for Hotmail login authorizes user to login into their Hotmail email account. You can also log in to Microsoft office, Xbox, MSN, Microsoft store, Skype, Bing, One drive and windows.


At the home page of Hotmail or on its sign in page, outlook logo can be found as is the transformed form of Hotmail. In order to sign into Hotmail, you need a Hotmail ID or Live email-ID. For those accessing outlook from their personal computer and those with mobile, they can set it easily. The benefit of doing this is that the computer or the server remembers your ID and password and thus you are not required to enter these again and again. For daily outlook usage a Hotmail login ID is essential as Microsoft users, MSN users and Skype users can all get access via this ID.


Login into Hotmail account is easy & hassle free task. Some of the steps for signing in are as following;

  • Get into browser such as Internet explorer, Opera, Firefox or Chrome. Enter which will redirect the page to homepage of Hotmail.
  • Enter Hotmail account in upper box which displays need for entering Microsoft account. You must keep in mind that and Hotmail accounts as well as live accounts are all Microsoft accounts. Insert password in the password section.
  • There is also an option below the password box that asks for checking whether you want the system to remember your password. This is particularly helpful if you login from personal computer. If you check this site, computer after that remembers login credentials for the next time. It means that you avoid the troublesome entering of Hotmail login credentials every time while signing in. as your account is something personal so check in this box only if only you use that system. If there are other persons using respective system, avoid this checking.
  • Now check in the sign-in button which will lead you to the home page of Hotmail. At this page you can easily manage Hotmail accounts.

In case of unsuccessful Hotmail login, there is something wrong with your email ID or password. Check both of these and then enter again the correct one. In case you have forgotten your password, there is an option to recover your ID via forgot your password option. This option links to your ID via another email account of yours or via your contact number. So you have multiple ways to Hotmail sign in.

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