How Beneficial Are Driveway Motion Sensors

Security is one of the most sought after traits in anyone’s home, but getting the right amount is quite difficult. Now, with so much technology available, securing your home and your possessions in and around it becomes a lot easier. Motion detectors are probably one of the latest and most effective devices used by homeowners. These nifty gadgets deliver accurate information about anyone or anything approaching your home so that you know about well in advance. But what are the benefits of installing driveway motion sensor? Let’s find out.

Offers Protection

This is the primary benefit of any motion sensor. The ones installed in your driveway will let you know when a vehicle is too close to your home (anywhere between 200-600 feet) so that you can take the necessary action. They can even detect if a person is on your property without permission and let you know through its loud alarm system.

It Can Be Installed Easily

Most of these gadgets can be installed without professional help. While there are a variety of motion sensors available, the most common ones are wired and wireless. The wired ones do need a basic understanding of electric fixtures, but the wireless models can be placed anywhere and moved from time to time without any worries.


Unlike infrared or night vision security cameras, motion detectors are extremely pocket-friendly. Because of the technology used, they are often seen as the best way to provide the elementary protection for a home and its assets. Even though there are various kinds of sensors such as thermal, ultrasonic, and magnetic, they normally don’t cost a fortune.

Accurate Readings

When using devices such as security cameras and motion detectors, accuracy is a must. Camera lenses can often get obstructed by faulty wiring, fallen objects, and even insects which make them less reliable. Motion sensors on the other hand use technologies such as thermal, ultrasound, and magnetic which provide accurate readings in any situation. Even a fallen tree a few feet from the sensor will not cause any misreading. This helps in safeguarding a home and the people that live in it.

Weather Resistant

Most security systems such as cameras fall prey to the weather conditions they are always open to. Rain, snow, wind, and excessive heat can cause the systems to malfunction and deliver inaccurate information; sometimes even shutting down completely. Motion sensors are built to handle anything Mother Nature can throw at them. They are made to be rust-proof, water-resistant, and can handle the extremities well. Some motion detectors can even be buried under a layer of soil or concrete and still deliver extremely accurate readings.

Motion detectors have been used around the world as one of the best devices to ensure safety and security to a home, its residents, and the assets in and around it. As mentioned above, these handy instruments come with a number of benefits that make them the best choice for securing a home, office, garden, parking lot, and pretty anywhere that needs protection. From the installation process to the information recorded, motion detectors are nothing but an added bonus for any property.

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