Belly Button Pain

There are various symptoms of various kinds of pains via which one is able to find out the true cause of that pain. Belly button pain is one of the frequently caused pains, which results into appendicitis. Appendicitis is basically a state where appendix of patient’s intestine becomes inflamed with toxic acids of intestine. Appendix is a pouch shaped worm like ending to large intestine that practically serves no purpose. However, due to intense acid intake or due to any other stomach anomalies, it becomes inflamed. In such situations, it is best to remove appendix via operation to avoid its burst which leads to even severe circumstances, sometimes even death.

Best Belly button pain Review

Belly button pain is aroused in patient because of inflammation of appendix which causes it to send shock waves like sensations around patient’s belly button. There are varying symptoms of belly button pain which depends upon persons gender, age and body type. Usually it is difficult to diagnose appendicitis in pregnant women and children who may feel painful sensations in other parts of body apart from lower abdominal area (belly button).

Belly button pain can rise to peak within a matter of few hours if neglected. It becomes difficult for doctors to detect about belly button pain because the pain is similar to that of fever, chilling and stomach bugs. One of the symptoms for belly button diagnosis is high fever with shooting pain in stomach that intensifies in intervals. Another way of diagnosing appendix is to press your belly button as you breathe in and then withdrawing. If the patient feels shooting pain on withdrawal, it is a clear symptom for appendicitis.

If a patient’s symptoms are prolonged over a period of two to three days, the patient may feel nausea and sick feelings. There will be loss of appetite, followed by vomiting. These symptoms are similar to that of a stomach bug. However, if these symptoms are lasting longer a intensifying with each passing day, it is sure sign of belly button pain. In some cases, patients suffer from severe constipation or reversing from severe diarrhea. There is excessive mucus in feces, along with severe pain while passing feces. Not only this, in many cases, patient find it difficult to pass gas. If you wake up from pain, and you are having a lot of troubled gas, again it is a sign of belly button pain.

In severe symptoms, the pain can spread out to your legs and lower back area, leading to agitation and restlessness. Belly button pain is always problematic and worrisome because it targets various other important organ’s of a human body. Consistency of pain along with heavy pressure is a sure symptom of belly button pain. Problems in urinary tract, and food poisoning can also lead to appendicitis. In case of consistent numbing around your belly button, never delay it until it is too late. Consult your nearest doctor in order to save yourself from severe damage.

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