Being a mother its not an easy task so you deserved this

Congratulation, It´s Mother´s Day! A day that every single mother truly deserves of being remembered. We all know that coping with the role of being a mother is a challenging task and demands a great deal of discipline and responsibility.  Being a mother of five children myself and having raised them as a single mother after my husband passed away, I can truly share with you the core of such feeling.


Living and experiencing Motherhood, I personally would define it as a lifelong study with the difference that there aren´t any specific modules to follow. Being a mother, you don´t have a lecturer at your side who gives you instructions, nor a tutor who advises you in critical situations, and also you never get handed out a final diploma honoring your achievements. Motherhood” has no University degree, it is a divine devotion that nature has implemented into the physical body of every female living on earth. The road of Motherhood is adventurous, filled with up´s and down´s, new tasks to learn, your flexibility will be stretched to the maximum, but once you understand and have learned to cope with the principles of that role, you will be honored with rewards far beyond that of any diploma, offered by man. Mother Earth will be your teacher lifelong, all you need is to discover and to follow your instinct and intuition which are part of every human female.

Being given the role of Motherhood means that the Universe has chosen you as the perfect Artist for his creation of a new life. Your role is unique. It´s like you have been given a huge Canvas with all the necessary equipment for you to transform that creation into a Masterpiece. The moment you give birth, all these gifts and talents come alive and are expressed through your imagination, inspiration, compassion and your highly tuned intuition which allow you to control your strong mother instinct. Above all, the purest and most powerful tool you hold in your hands is the untouchable Motherlove, a quality of Divine love which makes you so unique.

The moment you give birth, you are given these powerful and divine gifts. All you need is time, knowing that the “mother instinct” may not develop until you have spent time with your child and developed a close bond. It is the moment when the mother tongue between mothers and the new born will be anchored lifelong. Your maternal instinct will always tell you what to do and special love for your child will most certainly grow.

A mother´s instinct never loses its validation, the same as an Artist never stops being creative. Part of being a mother, her role is so much more than that. William Ross Wallace once said:

“The Hand That Rocks the Cradle is The Hand That Rules the World”

William Ross Wallace -American poet 1819 – 1881

Regina Ioannou

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