Bangalore, the latest cosmopolitan

Bangalore, one of the fastest growing cities that are present in Asia, is also the capital city for Karnataka, India. The city has gained its way to fame by being today’s, ‘Silicon Valley’ with the huge emergence of IT from this place. Today, one can find all the big multinational setting up their workplace here. Hence, one can call this city has the city that has inspired Globalization.

Initially called the ‘Garden City’, Bangalore also known as Bengaluru has evolved into Silicon Valley of the world today. Today it is India’s most livable city and has been capturing hearts of one and all over the ages.

Keeping that aside, Bangalore is also very rich in its historic architectural monuments and has maintained all of it till date. Bangalore has a little to offer everyone, be it a nature enthusiast who would enjoy theirs walks under the trees, or adventure junkies who want to try new adventures or a history buff. It is a holiday paradise for all.

Bangalore despite having so much to offer in itself, also acts like a port to visit all the beautiful cities that are nearby. One such city is Chennai, at just 349.9kms away. Chennai is one of the four metropolitan cities in India and it enjoys the status of being so. Chennai has so much to offer to all and one can get here easily by hiring Bangalore to Chennai Cabs.

Just like Bangalore, Chennai also has something for everyone. It gives one an experience of walking down the old rusty lanes and enjoying the view of the beautiful ancestral architecture. It houses some of the best architectural beauties of India.

Not just the architecture, Chennai is also known for its excellent gastronomic experience. One can enjoy the original taste of some of the popular South Indian dishes. Along with the food, one can also enjoy shopping in this city. Apart from all of this, Chennai is famous for the beaches that it houses and is a home to the Marina Beach, second longest natural beach that is present in the world. One can enjoy the cool breeze to the tune of the waves by the beach in some of the best beaches that is present in India. It is also a must for all the adventure junkies and one can opt for various water sports here.

Another favorite destination near Bengaluru is Nandi Hills. It is mostly a one day holiday destination and one can enjoy the city in ease by just hiring a Bangalore to Nandi Hill taxi. Nandi Hills is a small hill that is just 61.2kms away from Bengaluru. It is one of the most famous trekking spot of the South and serves as easy gateway for people from the city.

Surrounded with beautiful flora and fauna, it is a delight for all the nature lovers. One of the must go place in this city is the Yoganandeeshwara Temple. Another thing that the city is famous for is the view of the sunrise and the sunset from their hills.

Yercaud is another popular destination among the people for small gateways. Known for its lush green surroundings, calming breeze, and picturesque scenery; this place has been famously called the poor man’s Ooty.  At just 216.4kms away, one can easily reach this place by hiring a Bangalore to Yercaud car rental.

A place is Yercaud that one need to visit is the Emerald lake. It is a natural lake which is amidst high hills and beautiful gardens. One can also enjoy the floating fountain that is present in the lake and enjoy boating with family or groups here.

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