Astro Assessing Successful Astrologers




An astrologer is someone who worked out the guess effects of planets and the stars on the human life by reference of movements and their locations. Wrong forecasts also misfortune to the astrologer and bring ridicule. Astrologer’s incompetence


Some astrologers have restricted knowledge in the notions inherent in diaries and astrological publications. They’re incapable enough to use the right procedures in forecasts.


Some astrologers are perplexed while doing forecasts, which doesn’t tally to in practice.


Some astrologers might have faulty approach to interpretation. Their incapacity to meet the qualification prescribed by astrology that was essential.


Some astrologers lack talking dialogue skills, capabilities and persuasive ability.


Variables affecting an astrologer


Mercury: signals intellectual, whose favour is necessary to eventually become an astrologer.

Venus: planet of recognition and promotion.

2nd house:stands for speaking abilities, ability and vision of observation

8th house: signifies secret and occult knowledge. 10th house:signals success in life and honour, profession .

11th house:signals instinct


Mixtures to get an effective astrologer




* The native having Moon put in Cancer sign is ,nicely considering astrology


Moon and * Saturn set in 1, 9,10, 3 th houses give enormous desire to learn astrology .


* Moon and Mercury have been in harmonious aspects, one can have superior instinct, appropriate wording and clear exposition.




* Individuals having exalted Jupiter and Gemini ascendant are not bad in astrology.






* Great facet and link between Mercury and Jupiter, helps anyone judge to contemplate profoundly and interpret accurately.


* Great facets one can have instinct and divine grace.


* A harmonious relationship between Moon and Jupiter signifies great wisdom, penetration and vision.




* Venus and Mercury joined in 2nd/3rd house suggest an excellent astrologer.


2nd house:


* Jupiter determining 2nd/Mercury, suggests exceptional communication abilities.


* Mars inhabiting 2 nd great dialogue may be indulged in by native.


* Moon in 2 nd suggests shrewd/ dialogue that is clear.


* Sun forming great aspect denotes a speaker that is dignified.


8th house:


The 8th house symbolizes secrets concealed energy, mysticism, astrology and occultism.


8th house connected at all and * Ascendant, signals interest in occult science.


* Jupiter/Saturn two planets that are philosophical residing in the 8th house, the native may have profound interest for mysterious and occultism themes.


* Mercury set in 8th, suggests tendency to examine metaphysical and concealed issues.


11th house:


Nicely developed instinct is indicated by * Moon/Mercury/Ketu posited in 11th and aspected by Jupiter.


* Jupiter/Lord of 11 set in 11th house, indicates intuitive ability that is improved.


* Scorpio/Aquarius/Pisces as the symbol of 11th, suggests exceptional instinct.




* Relationship between houses/lords of 10th, 8th and ascendant gives perfect platform to get an effective astrologer.


Mercury and * Mars in aspects that are harmonious, gives good humour besides possession of a press.


* Lords of 11 and 2, 9 th forming a solid standing of Jupiter and great facets mutually among them, makes a cardinal relationship involving advisor and the astrologer.


* Ascendant/10th house drops in Gemini/Scorpio/Aquarius/Pisces sign, is responsible to get an effective astrologer.

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