As far as Gillette Razor Reviews go, the Mach 3 is the best

Their Mach-3 seems to hit it right on the nose. It gets top ratings, even when you look at the Fusion reviews. If you go over there, they all say, “The Mach-3 Got it Right”. I think the Mach-3 is the best razor in the world.

Mach-3 disposable razors come three-per-pack and cost around $8.99 for the three of them. The cartridges can go between $12.49 and $13.99 for 5 blades.

cheap Gillette razors review

When you look up Gillette Razor Reviews, the Gillette Fusion razor gets three and one half stars, and goes for $8.99 at Walgreens. It has a 5-blade surface technology and a 1 precision trimmer that’s built-in.

The problem with the Mach 3 are the refills, the refills can go for as much as $16 – $20. The two that come with it make it be around $3 per blade, if you subtract a couple dollars for the handle. Some say that they are very expensive, but they last “forever”, one person who gave it five stars said that he doesn’t get nicked any more. He said, “No more cuts and bleeding”.

Consider buying Braun shavers for comfortable shave

However, electric shavers are also the best choice to consider with braun electric shavers being on the top of list. The following series of shavers are released by braun in few years

  • Braun series 7
  • braun series 5
  • braun series 3

However, braun series 7 are the latest and elite class of shavers in the list.

Gillete Mach 3 shaver

Strange enough, the next person then went on to say that the blades cause irritation and that the five blades are poor. He says that the three-blade Mach-3 is better. In fact, the majority view was that five blades is too many. They all recommended getting the Mach-3 rather than the 5-blade fusion.

There are a few who are completely sold on the 5-blade Fusion, though. They call it a great product. One person said they had gone from the Mach-3 to a Fusion and was glad that he had done that, although he didn’t specify why he was glad. They called it the “Best Razor Ever”.

Myself, I’ve not seen that more blades mean a better shave. There’s a certain limit that’s reached where the hairs aren’t pulled out and over any longer so that the next one is cut off.

Their Venus line gets good Gillette Razor Reviews. Priced at $9.99, the Venus Breeze is designed for women. It has a flat oval head which makes it lie nicely on their legs. It also has gel bars which combine with the water to make it glide well, instead of catching and nicking. Out of 18 reviews, it got 4 stars.

About the only complaint that the razor gets is that the gel bar sometimes falls off. Most give it 5 stars and rave over it. One said that she used to shave once a month, and because of the Venus, she now shaves once a week. It made her skin feel sooooo smooth.

Many liked that they sometimes send free samples in the mail. They said that they’d ‘converted’.

Other’s complaints were that it was expensive. What with one blade and one handle, that is kind of expensive. Another said it had a “Pleasant Scent”.

In the Gillette Razor Reviews is their Sensor XL (also spelled Excel) line. It goes for $7.99 on-line. You can generally find better deals on-line, particularly if you buy in bulk. The thing you’re paying for is the shipping.

Save Money Buying Cheap Gillette Razors Online

Are you trying to cut down on your everyday expenses? Have you considered buying your Gillette razors online? You can find some very good sales and you do not even need a coupon.

Razor blades, even from the big companies like Gillette and Schick, are cheaper on sites like Amazon and eBay. You can buy them in bulk and save even more money. Even all Mach 3, Mach 3 Turbo, Fusion, Fusion Power, Venus, Venus Breeze and the entire Gillette razor line is on sale.

You can be frugal and save money on things you have to buy such as light bulbs, batteries, inkjet cartridges, and of course razors.

You are going to have to shave for the rest of your life so you might as well save money buying cheap Gillette razors that you have to buy anyway. These deals are available for both men’s and women’s razor cartridges.

You can easily save yourself a couple hundred bucks a year buying “cheap” Schick and Gillette razors online. And cheap does not mean low quality. You can find the same genuine razors you find in your local store but just for about half the price. These razors are authentic. In many cases you can get free shipping too.

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