Application ETA Canada

ETA is an abbreviation of an ‘electronic travel authorization’ which is working in the travel process for Canadians. It works as the visa exemption for foreign travelers to Canada. It is actually an electronic way of an authorized traveler visit to Canada. ETA is a joint agreement with USA authority to give security by mean of electronic link. And confirm to get authorization on travelling process.

application eta canada

What is ETA?

ETA is a valid travel document used to confirm for eligibility of the person, if he able to travel Canada. It works like visit visa. Natives of the visa exempt countries if want to visit Canada, They firstly need ETA document for the authorization process.

Canadian ETA application

If you are thinking of flight to Canada you may need application ETA, for smooth and convenient flight. For getting application ETA, few minutes are required. It is a simple, free of cost and online process. You just need your passport, credit card and internet access for online applicationETA processing.

You require application eta canada when you need to board flight toward Canada. For registering you need simple and easy steps. This process is safe and secure. You just need to enter your basic information answer some simple question. Your application will submit online without any effort.

How to Apply

ETA is completely online secure process. ETA need only few minutes for applying. If you want to travel to Canada, you need to submit valid and acceptable information like name, DOB and in biometric details you need to submit fingerprints for citizenship or immigration process. When authorization is cleared, your information is released on websites. Now you can download and print out the copy of your authorized information and ETA and submit it with your valid documents before taking flight to Canada. Canadian Immigration officials may review your information if needed.

ETA importance

It’s good for you to avail ETA before visiting in Canada. After getting approved your ETA application, it will valid for 4 to 5 years. If your passport expires, you can travel to Canada by mean of ETA application. This means that you can travel to Canada without the annoying process of replying until your ETA remain valid. ETA is electronically linked with Canadian authority and they will check your information with their own. In short you need to apply for Canadian ETA application for boarding your flight to Canada.


To be part of ETA application, you are able to avail many benefits like:

  1. The ETA system will eradicate the undesirable and no eligible candidates from eligible ones.
  2. The criminal activities can be reduces.
  3. As ineligible candidates already detected with help of ETA system, a person has any criminal record can be prevented from travelling.
  4. Travelers can avoid the applying process.
  5. Convenient screening and consequent travel for individuals could be possible
  6. Provide a convenient and efficient way of travelling to Canada.
  7. Able to confirm security
  8. Provide Easy and online way for a traveler to board flight to Canada.
  9. Maximum length of visit is about 3 months.
  10. Surety of protection and security.

Who will be affected by ETA?

People who are registered with ETA application are those who are citizens of visa exempted countries. They need an ETA application to apply for the visit to Canada. This means who are natives of European nations, like Australia and New Zealand, will need to apply and avail the ETA application. Those countries which are not visa-exempt are no need to avail ETA application form need to visit Canada. Because they own totally different vetting process in place of it.

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