All About Commercial Locksmith Services

Everyone knows that when you’re locked out of your home or car, you should call a locksmith. But did you know that Commercial Locksmiths do so much more?  Commercial Locksmith Tampa is well equipped to install and repair all types of locks for office and commercial buildings, program and customize computerized access control systems, create a master key system, and install emergency exit hardware.

 Commercial Locksmith

An important aspect of commercial locksmithing is installing and maintaining new business locks – both in and outdoors. In this day and age, people do not want to carry around a bulky, jangling set of keys. Two modern day solutions are a master key system or a key-less access controlled system. Both are good solutions for the business owner who wants to allow or restrict access to certain doors, wings, or floors of a building. With a master key system, an owner can have access to every door, then allow a manager to have access to a certain set of doors, while an employee may have a more limited access to just a single door. A computerized keyless entry system may use card readers, magnetic locks, or digital keypads. This highly customizable and remotely operable system is very convenient for when a business terminates an employee. It’s simple to change codes through a computer.

Another service performed by Commercial Locksmith Tampa is to install heavy duty hardware and emergency exit devices. From push bars to vertical rods, a locksmith must assess which equipment is best suited for the business door. Often times, such doors must be in compliance with local fire marshal codes. Paired with the right signs, properly installed exit door hardware will prepare employees for an emergency.

A responsible Commercial Locksmith is up to date with the latest in security features, the best hardware, and the most modern access control systems. They look to trade shows and other industry personnel for what’s new in the field.

Additionally, because locksmiths have access to many doors, security systems, and have professional locksmith tools and equipment, they are often required to perform and pass a criminal background check. Check your local business licensing for the up to date credentials that a commercial locksmith must possess. It varies from state to state.

Overall, a commercial locksmith can perform the same duties as an automotive and residential locksmith.  Additionally, commercial locksmiths can install and repair heavy duty door and lock hardware, create a master key system, install and program an access control system, and install emergency exit devices for businesses.

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