How Affordable is Laser Hair Removal Compared to Other Methods?

The initial cost of even the most affordable laser hair removal is enough to scare many people off. When you’re not carrying a lot of spare change in your pocket, it’s much more enticing to purchase some cheap razors than splurge on several hundred dollars worth of laser treatments. But do these other hair removal methods really end up being cheaper over time?


The cost of a pack of razors seems negligible. Most people grab a packet and throw it in with the rest of the groceries without a second thought. There’s a wide range of razors that can be purchased from supermarkets, chemists and convenience stores, with the cheapest razors adding up to approximately $20 a year while high-end razors can set you back up to $130 each year. This means it can be cheaper than even the most affordable laser hair removal, but it comes with a different cost. Hairs start to grow back within a day or two, so the frequency of shaving is very high. Every time you shave, you also run the risk of ingrown hairs and causing small cuts.

 Depilatory Creams

Depilatory cream uses chemicals to dissolve the hair all the way down to just below the surface, meaning it can then just be wiped away. This hair removal method is pain-free, but depending on your brand of choice, you may need to do it just as frequently as shaving. This method is more time consuming than shaving, although the risk of cuts is non-existent, and bumps are significantly reduced if instructions are followed correctly. Depilatory creams can cost anywhere between $300 all the way up to $550 per year, depending on your brand and frequency.


Like affordable laser hair removal, waxing can be done in a clinic, but it can also be done in your own home. The costs of waxing vary greatly, from $200 a year up to $500 a year. The downside is that the hairs need to be given time to grow back before another treatment can be done so the wax can grip the hairs and pull them out. Each treatment causes the hair to be less coarse and thick, so over time, fewer sessions may be necessary. This means it can be cheaper over the course of a few years than it is in the initial year. However, it never eliminates hair entirely and can cause quite a lot of pain during the process.


Bleaching doesn’t remove hair at all, but simply lightens it. This is a perfect option for areas where you might not mind having a bit of hair, but would like it to be less obvious, such as your arms. This technique can cost you approximately $200 each year, but this will depend on how frequently you choose to do it.

 Affordable Laser Hair Removal

Affordable laser hair removal comes in as the most expensive option in terms of initial cost, but, like waxing, it becomes cheaper over time. A course of treatments is required to achieve the desired results, which is usually about 8 sessions. Once these sessions are complete, most people achieve approximately 80% hair reduction. Occasionally, maintenance treatments may be required when stray hairs grow back, but these can be treated at a low cost.

Investing in affordable laser hair removal will work in your favour in the long run and can save you time as well as money.

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