In this post we shall be writing about camera settings and equipments while taking aerial photographs.

Camera lens:

 While going for aerial photography you will not have the comfort of choosing from multiple lenses, so you need to think well on the

choice of lens you take. It’s better to go for a short telephoto range zoom lens like : 24-70mm or 18-55mm lens.

A telephoto lens is good if you want to shoot close to the ground and want to isolate the subject.

Wide angle lens are generally to capture panoramic views or landscape.

A prime lens is good if you are well experienced in aerial photography.


Keep camera firm & safe:

 While you are in the helicopter looking down and capturing some nice landscape, you need to keep you camera firm and safe, its better

to use a camera strap.

Camera straps are simple, light and un-obstructive and if you hate long camera straps, you can go for some short ones.

It’s also not very usual to carry more than one camera along with you, but still if you wanna try out, you will need to carry camera bag along with you, since its not safe to change lens in the middle of flight.

Cleaning liquid and cloth:

If you are using a helicopter and don’t have plans to peep out of the window, then there is a possibility of having some stains

and dust on the window of the helicopter.

You will not want your efforts to be spoiled by ignoring these, so its preferred to wipe these out before you start.

Camera drone:

 Drones are emerging and find applications in various places. One such application is taking aerial photographs. While drones launched

initially were not that good in specifications the newer ones are getting better day by day.

Drones and quad-copters come in all size, on smaller or medium ones you might have to mount camera or a smaller camera separately while  some bigger models like DJI Phantom, Blade 350, Dualsky Hornet 460 might come with camera mounts.

The most popular camera to mount is the Go-pro, while may newer models come with built in camera too.

When you have bought your first camera drone, it will take some time to install

it and learn how to fly it safely.

You can start with a smaller one and go on with a more professional one at a latter stage.

One thing of concern is the flight time, drones don’t have a large flight time, around 10-20 mins at max on single charge, so you will need

to plan out properly.

There is lot more to talk about, which can’t be written here, you can have a look at one of the articles here.


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