Advances in Police Uniforms and Technology

Technology is advancing faster than ever before today, particularly in the last few decades. A generation ago, many people didn’t even carry mobile phones and accessed the internet through dial-up connections and desktop computers. Today, almost everyone has a smartphone from which they can access not only the internet, but also use location-based services that assist in navigation as well as ordering cabs and food delivery. This technology is proliferating the world over, but the advancements hardly end in terms of communication. Every sector has seen massive advancements in technology, and fancy gadgets are just one thing among many.

These advancements have obviously extended themselves to police gear as well. While there have obviously been a number of changes in arms technologies and strategies intended to increase effectiveness while reducing fatalities all around, the advancements have also extended themselves to other things that might not immediately come to mind. Many of the changes in policing technology are developed a few years before they become popular, for some things need to be tried and tested before being put to widespread use by police forces. These advancements have extended themselves to unlikely places, even the boots that officers are wearing on duty. Just take a look at Galls police boots, and you’ll see how true this is.

Police uniforms themselves have evolved quite a bit over the last century, and, indeed, 100 years ago police uniforms were quite similar to the military uniforms of the period. Today’s police uniforms might also resemble those worn by modern armed forces, but in the decades after the Second World War, the uniforms became much closer in resemblance to civilian dress. Since the dawn of the 21st century, police uniforms moved back in the direction of military gear, switching out blazers and ties with cargo pants and relaxed-fit polyester shirts. With increasing demands, police officers need more protection, such as body armor and tactical vests being widely introduced into police forces across the country. Modern police uniforms are generally more casual than they were a few decades ago, which has been a marked change along with the move towards a more militarized look. The increasing militarization of police forces might have caused a bit of outcry from some sections of the public and owes a lot to companies in the defense sector funneling down their products for a larger market, but it also makes a lot of logical sense.

The equipment that law enforcement officers use has changed quite drastically from the nightsticks and revolvers of yesteryear, and now includes everything from simply the adoption of iPads to robotic cameras and a move towards less lethal forms of armament. Tasers and mace are now standard issue, and body cams have been adopted in many police forces in order to increase accountability. No matter if deadly force is used or not, law enforcement officers are bound to use their best judgment or face increasing scrutiny.

The protective gear that cops are issued has changed quite a bit in the last few decades, with body armor becoming lighter and more breathable than ever while offering more sufficient protection. Concerns about chemical attacks and blood-borne pathogens have been taken more seriously, and today’s uniforms are not only breathable and water-resistant but also designed to protect officers from chemicals and pathogens.

Whether you’re an ordinary cop, a state trooper, or a game warden, wearing the right boots on the job is vital to performance. Police tactical boots are rather advanced these days, becoming lighter and more breathable than what they used to be as well as protecting the wearer from chemical and pathogenic threats. With a combination of comfort and durability on top of their breathability, modern police boots are both practical and perfectly cut out for the job. After all, even with all of the advances in technology, there are still times that officers will need to run after a suspect. Even when they aren’t running, a patrolling officer can expect to spend a lot of time on their feet and practical boots are a must.

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