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Popularly known as a fascinating fusion of the East and West, Penang embraces modernity while retaining its traditions and old world charm. These are reflected in its harmonious multiracial populace and well-preserved heritage buildings which led to George Town being accorded a listing as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site recently. Long regarded as the food capital of Malaysia, Penang also entices visitors with its beautiful coasts and scrumptious cuisines.

Penang has become a major development hub in Southeast Asia for hundreds of years, with various customs and traditions that embroider the modern culture. Centuries ago, its strategic location in the Strait of Malacca “still is one of the busiest sea lanes in the world and the most important” ensure the traders from China and Persia to Africa to trade and socialize during their expedition to get spices, fabrics, wood , ivory, perfumes, precious stones and other valuables. Most of them just stopped when their cruise, but many have settled here, adding to the excitement of the background and skills of the local people.

On this day, George Town of Penang played a major role in the identity of the various ethnic groups in Malaysia and one of the most important economic resource, with modern transport and communication infrastructure. The country consists of two parts, mainland of Penang, known as Seberang Perai, and Penang, where the City of George Town. It is the most visited place at northern Malaysia, in which tourist arrive either via the bridge that connects these two regions, ferry or airport.

In addition, Penang also offers a variety of historic neighborhoods, many of which can be seen through some famous Heritage Trail that takes you into the neighborhoods, markets, and hidden areas of interest in Georgetown. And when you’re tired of walking around a busy city, there are beaches and rich nature in Penang National Park, which offers species of flora and fauna, not to mention the lush forests and crystal clear water.

And of course, all this is enhanced by a wide selection of delicious food you can imagine. With influences from Indian, Chinese, Malay, and Thai and many more, have a delicious meal on the go “and it often becomes a focal point for any holiday!

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